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#HAWMC: I Feel Best When

#HAWMC Day 14.

Write about moments you feel like you can take on the world. Where, when, and how often does this happen?

It’s the little things really.

When I throw that come hither look at my husband and he throws the same glance back at me. 🙂

When my sons kiss me and tell me they miss me. Or that I’m the coolest Mom ever.

When my patients thank me after a clinic visit. Or when they’re about to go home from the hospital.

When I’m not late for clinic. When I finish my clinic on time or even early.

When I figure out a complicated case and help out a patient.

On my way to a vacation with my family. Or at the end of it, when I feel re-energized to go back to work.

When I got that email that said my application for a teaching innovation was accepted or that my research proposal made it to the semi-finals of the Stanford MedX/Symplur Social Media Research Challenge. Certainly, that moment when I won the Gawad Pangulo.

Going down the stage after a successful presentation. And lately, when some people come up and ask for a selfie with me. 🙂

That day #HealthXPH held #hcsmph.

When Denise Silber said I’m speaking at #Doctors20 in Paris.

Every night as everyone settles down to sleep and I’m hunching over the computer writing the latest blog post or working on a slide deck.  That moment when I hit the publish button. Or complete an upload at Whenever I witness authentic helpfulness on Twitter.

When I cook tuna spaghetti. After I complete a particularly challenging Pilates move. When I make another loom band bracelet or charm.

Completing this! My 14th day blog post for #HAWMC – we’re halfway there.

Let me end with this from Frank A. Clark –

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.







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