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#HAWMC: Get Excited!

#HAWMC Day 15.

What revs up your internal engine? When you see, hear, feel this it gets you excited and ready to face what comes next. Tell us what it is!

Trying new things! That’s what gets me excited.

As a medical resident in 1997, I had a Palm Pilot Professional. I did live demonstrations on how to use it at the Philippine College of Physicians annual convention, where I met Dr. Alvin Marcelo. Years and several personal digital assistants (PDAs) later, I enrolled in the first batch of the MS Health Informatics (medical informatics track) program of Dr. Marcelo. Because yes, I like trying new things!

PalmPilot Professional.jpg
PalmPilot Professional” by LetdorfOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In 2004, as a student in the MS program, I used Moodle for my coursework. I wanted to try it out as a teacher, and I did. I now teach elearning in faculty development workshops where I continue to refine my teaching techniques.

In 2008, I was trying to find my classmates for a high school reunion. I joined Facebook. Years later, I’m discovering new ways to use Facebook for health promotion at

In 2010, Dr. Marcelo challenged me to do live tweeting at a conference I was attending in the US. I joined Twitter, just to try that. Fast forward to 2014, I co-founded #HealthXPH tweet chat.

Last year, I caught a tweet about #NodeXL on my Twitter feed which led me to Marc Smith. Aha, something new! So I attended Marc’s workshop when he came to Manila. Now I’m doing research using #NodeXL.

I’ve many more examples of how trying new things has brought me to where I am today. But in the end, Yoda is correct –

Do or do not, there is no try.


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