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#HAWMC: Day of Rest

#HAWMC Day 12.

Kick your feet up! What is your ideal day in? When you’re having a bad day, or a long week – how do you relax, recharge, and reset yourself?

It asks for the ideal day IN. Because otherwise my answer would be chilling on a beach, sand between my toes, with my family.

Snuggling with my hubby.

Playing with my sons. Lately, they tell me I’m the coolest Mom they know because I play Terraria with them. That’s me with my wizard hat (how apt) and my platinum armor. Of course, I’ve upgraded to meteorite armor since this picture, lol.


Ask my husband. I’m also the queen of unfinished craft projects. But lately, I’ve been churning out a lot of … loomband bracelets! And charms! Making these relaxes me. I don’t really wear them but I give them away to family and friends. I love trying loom band tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest.

These bracelets I made using the standard loom.

10887373_10204698522318279_9110206489199177449_oI used the Monster tail loom to make these bracelets. These are more time-consuming as they need some assembly. You make the flowers first then weave them into the bracelet.



This snake I made by request of my son. Who says loom bands are for girls only? I made several in different colors and sizes. I even gave away some to his classmates.


This is a project where I tried to add … yup, left over scrapbook items 🙂 to the loom band charm. Getting ready for the summer!


My first attempt at loom band crochet. Maybe I can continue doing this in my dotage, hahaha!


Lately, I bought those loom extensions so I can have more pins to make new designs.

This bracelet incorporates the rings from the next picture.


These rings remind me of the Alligator King on Sesame Street. At least that’s how they look on my hand. 🙂


And I just love these turtle charms!


You may wonder when I find the time for this. I haven’t had clinic on Saturdays for the past 8 years. I stopped when my second son was born. Most doctors I know have clinics on Saturdays. The patients who have work Mondays to Fridays go see their doctor on Saturdays. Not for me. Saturdays and Sundays are for my family … and my hobbies.

I really recommend loom bands for relaxation. Thanks to #HAWMC for the opportunity to show off my creations!

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