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Remembering #hcsmPH!

A week ago today, a cherished dream came true! The #HealthXPh healthcare and social media summit was successfully held at the Cebu Radisson Blu last 21 February with about 450 participants.

I am grateful for the support of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD). Special thanks to Merlita Opeña, Kit Campilan and Ciaren Itulid.

10930856_889116167807516_7646015100129624970_nMa’am Merl at extreme right. This was taken just after the opening ceremonies.


11041722_10153838449754041_58998551218261626_nL-R. Dr. Remo Aguilar, Dr. Narciso Tapia, Kit Campilan, Endocrine Witch, Dr. Gia Sison, Ciaren Itulid, Dr. Helen Madamba

We couldn’t have done it without the support of Kit Sumabat (CEO, Health Informatics Inc.) and his staff Nhet Malaluan and Ray Labra.

11021193_10153838449539041_5625706163659818522_nL-R.(1st row) Ray Labra, Kit Sumabat, Dr. Helen Madamba, Endocrine Witch, Pat Rich. (2nd row) April Sumabat, Henri Igna, Nhet Malaluan, Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Narciso Tapia, Aliyah Evangelista, Dr. Remo Aguilar.

Live streaming of the event was made possible through AeHIN (Asia eHealth Information Network) with the able hands of Aliyah Evangelista and Henri Igna.

Pat Rich came all the way from Canada! Meeting a Twitter friend IRL is a highly recommended experience. He is an ambassador from the #HCSMCA community to the #HealthXPh team.

I personally invited the panelists in the social media for health promotion track. Their excellent panel discussion blew me away! More in a future post.

11001844_10153110303734549_7808190097878503478_nL-R. Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Stef dela Cruz, Dr. Helen Madamba, Endocrine Witch, Dr. Kathy Lei-Mercado, Jofti Villena, Dr. Richard Mata.

Until the next summit! 🙂


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