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Social media and healthcare, anyone?

Looking at my Slideshare gallery of slide decks for the past year, most of my presentations are related to either technology or social media. For more than a year, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating my very own Social Media & Healthcare seminars. As scientific committee chair of the past two #HealthXPH social media and healthcare summits (#hcsmph), I put together a day-long program which (I’d like to believe) was well-received.

Someone asked me recently, how often do you write on your blog? I realize I haven’t written so much this year and it’s already June! So I thought I’d write down here a few of the day-long (or maybe half day) seminars on social media and healthcare that’s brewing in my cauldron of ideas. I will share this blog post and which ever seminar idea gets the most votes will be the one I will put up first!

1. Twitter for Healthcare Professionals

This seminar is for healthcare professionals who are new to Twitter or are not yet on Twitter but wanting to discover how Twitter can be useful in their work. Participants will learn how to choose a Twitter handle, participate in a tweet chat and build a personal learning network on Twitter.

2. Facebook for Health Literacy

This seminar is for individuals or organizations who wish to use Facebook as a platform for providing reliable health information for the public.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality on Social Media for the Health Care Profession

How can privacy and confidentiality of patients be protected when healthcare professionals are on social media? What are the legal implications when breaches occur? This seminar will focus on ethical and legal issues.

4. Blogging as a Learning Portfolio in Health Professions Education

Sandars’ new competences for learning include enquiry, production, participation and digital literacy. When students blog as part of their course work, they develop an inquiring mindset as they develop appropriate search strategies and evaluate what they find. Blogging means the students produce content and they can participate in discussions that their blog posts generate. Blogging carries with it a responsibility to follow copyright and observe netiquette which makes students accountable as digital citizens. This seminar will discuss how blogging can be used in health professions education.

5. Twitter for Health Professions Education

Participants will learn ways to use Twitter in and out of the classroom for health professions education.

6. Creating a Social Media Policy for your Health Care Institution

While self-regulation is better, more and more health care institutions are at a loss on how to set policy for interactions on social media by their students, trainees, faculty and employees. Participants will learn the steps in creating a social media policy for their health care institution.


So what do you think?! Let me know in the comments.




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