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#HAWMC: Health Tagline

#HAWMC Day 17.

Give yourself, or your patient experience a tagline. Grab attention with your slogan. Make sure it’s catchy!

OK, so that stumped me a bit because I’ve a lot going on.


I’ve had scoliosis since I was 12. I wore a back brace until I was 18. I should be taller than I am right now except my spine is an S. 🙂

I’ve not let my deformity define me. Here I am 5 years ago, walking down the ramp as a model for Rx: A Work of HeART. It was a benefit fashion show to raise money for indigent patients at our government hospital.


With Pilates, I now recognize how important the core is. I’ve developed a body sense that tells me when I’m listing to one side as I sit in my chair at clinic.

Core also means my center, my inner compass. The #HAWMC blog prompt before this asked me my life’s goal. Loving my core is not only about my abdominal muscles or my spine 🙂 but also about what I hold true in my heart of hearts. Hence, to love my core means not only to keep fit but to also not lose sight of what I am and what I stand for.





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