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#HAWMC: Summer is Coming

#HAWMC Day 18.

What are the 3 things you look forward to the most in the summer? Whether it’s travel, the weather, family cookouts or another activity, share with your readers why you’re excited for summer!

It is summer where I am already! 🙂 While it’s spring everywhere else? The Philippines has only two seasons – wet and dry.

Only three things?

  1. School break
  2. Going to the beach
  3. Traveling


School break

When I was younger and had no children yet, it was not unusual to start my clinic at 1 pm and end at 8 or 9 pm. But with my sons now, I try to get home before 7 pm so we can do homework together. Summer means school break! And as my youngest says, Mommy can turn off “study mode.” Apparently study mode Mommy is no fun! My sons don’t go back to school until June. There is a summer reading list from school however. And Mommy demands that they read their books in between play time.

Going to the beach

It gets very hot in Manila during summer. It’s always fun to get away from the city and soak up the sun on a beach. I have to schedule my clinic around these trips. I appreciate that my patients understand that I have spend time with my family with the kids out of school. It also helps that my patients go on vacation at this time as well so we can find a schedule that is agreeable for both of us.



Summer is also when we travel to see family outside the city or the country. Or they travel to see us, so we can take them shopping around Manila. Filipino families are closely-knit and summer is a good time for family bonding.








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