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#HealthXPh Summit on Social Media and Healthcare

Dreams do come true! See you in Cebu on February 21 for the first Philippine Summit on Social Media and Healthcare. This Saturday at #HealthXPh tweet chat, we’re giving tweeps an opportunity to help us with program.


Please give us suggestions on what questions we need to ask panelists and presentors at each of our four tracks at the meeting. What issues do we need to raise?

Track 1. Protecting Patient Privacy and Confidentiality on Social Media

Confidentiality refers to the safeguarding of information disclosed to a healthcare professional during care. Privacy pertains to a patient’s expectation that his health information will be protected. Both privacy and confidentiality must be protected on social networks.


  1. Identify instances when posts in social media violate patient privacy and confidentiality
  2. Explain ethical principles governing healthcare-related interaction on social media
  3. Discuss Philippine laws that protect patient privacy and confidentiality as it applies to social media

Track 2. Social Media and Health Promotion

Social media provides a unique platform for health promotion with its potential to reach many in a two-way conversation.


  1. Narrate personal experiences using social media for your health advocacy
  2. Describe successful social media strategies for health promotion
  3. Discuss challenges and limitations encountered in using social media for health promotion

Track 3. Social Media and Health Professions Education

It has long been recognized that there is a social aspect to learning. Social media by enabling collaboration and community building can be a valuable tool in education.


  1. Narrate personal experiences in actual application of social media in health professions education
  2. Discuss the challenges and limitations encountered
  3. Describe potential applications and future trends of social media use in health professions education

Track 4. Patient Stories on Social Media

Patients have been telling stories and sharing their journeys long before social media existed. Social media can amplify these narratives in powerful ways.


  1. Explain why social media was used to tell your story
  2. Describe the challenges and limitations encountered
  3. Discuss tips for using social media as a platform for patient stories

Tracks 1 and 2 will be panel discussions while Tracks 3 and 4 will have speakers’ presentations.

Join the #HealthXPh tweet chat 7 Feb 9 pm Manila time. Let us know what you think!

T1. Suggest a question/issue for the   panel on protecting patient privacy and confidentiality on social media.

T2 Suggest a question/issue for the   panel discussion on social media and health promotion.

T3 Suggest a question/issue for the   track on social media and health professions education.

T4 Suggest a question/issue for the   track on social media and patient stories.







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