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I’m an official blogger for #ENDO2013!

I started blogging in 2010 and my first post was “To Blog or Not to Blog!” I tend to blog in bursts 🙂 as time allows. As I write this new post, I notice that my last entry was April 30! And so I welcome the challenge to be an official blogger for the Endocrine Society annual meeting in San Francisco from June 15-18 where I need to post EVERY DAY!

I’m grateful to the Endocrine Society for giving me this opportunity … I’ve been live tweeting the Endocrine Society meeting yearly since 2010. It began as an assignment! I was taking an informatics class in graduate school and had told my professor that I was going to miss some classes as I had to go to San Diego to attend the meeting. He asked me to do live tweeting as makeup for lost class time. I requested my endocrine fellows to follow me on Twitter so I would have a captive audience. I remember that live tweeting helped me keep awake in San Diego as I endeavored to fit endocrine pearls in 140 characters while fighting off jetlag 🙂 And now this … LIVE BLOGGING!

I’ve been asked to focus on diabetes and glucose monitoring, endocrine healthcare delivery and education but I’m looking forward to blogging about San Francisco as well.

I’m leaving Manila to fly to SF soon. I’ve decided to bring only my trusty iPad to meet this challenge. Will be trying Blogsy for the first time (fingers crossed). Let’s do this!



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