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What’s an endocrinologist?

Many years ago as a resident, I remember overhearing a co-resident answering a patient’s question. “Dok, ano ho ba ang internist?” (Translated, “Doctor, what is an internist?”). My colleague answered, “Doktor ng lamang-loob!” (Translated, “Doctor of the internal organs!”). I found that funny then. But lately I’ve been wishing it were easier to explain exactly what an ENDOCRINOLOGIST is!

So, what’s an endocrinologist? An endocrinologist is an INTERNIST with special training and board certification in ENDOCRINOLOGY.

And what is endocrinology? It is that branch of medicine concerned with endocrine glands and hormones.

Okay, so what’s an endocrine GLAND? What are HORMONES? Are you starting to see how convoluted this can get as I attempt to explain to patients exactly what I do πŸ™‚

I like what has to say about what an endocrinologist is!

Endocrinologists are trained to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances and problems by helping to restore the normal balance of hormones in your system. They take care of many conditions including:

  • diabetes
  • thyroid diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • over- or underproduction of hormones
  • menopause
  • osteoporosis
  • hypertension
  • cholesterol (lipid) disorders
  • infertility
  • lack of growth (short stature)
  • cancers of the endocrine glands

What kind of training does an endocrinologist in the Philippines have? Let me break this down – 4 years of medical school, one year of internship, three years of internal medicine residency and 2 years of endocrinology fellowship. That’s a total of TEN years training!

How many board examinations or certifications? THREE! Medicine, internal medicine and endocrinology. Currently, there are only five hospitals in Manila which have an endocrinology program –

  1. Philippine General Hospital
  2. UST Hospital
  3. Makati Medical Center
  4. St. Luke’s Medical Center
  5. The Medical City

As you can imagine, competition is fierce to get into these programs. So the next time you need to see a doctor, say for a thyroid problem or diabetes, try an endocrinologist!






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    1. I am sorry, but I am not able to offer that service at this time. I can recommend Dr. Mike Villa of St. Luke’s Medical Center who spoke about this topic at a recent endocrine meeting.

      1. I would like to asked lng po. If may alam kayong Doctor na tumatanggap ng patient n mag-aandergo for male to female transition? Even SRS it’s not yet available in Philippines? Thanks in advance and God bless po sa response.

    1. May clinic po ako sa Philippine General Hospital. Saan po ba kayo nakatira? Ang Philippine Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism ay may mga endocrinologists sa maraming lugar sa Pilipinas – maaari kitang i-refer kung mayroon malapit sa inyo.

  2. Hello po dra. May goiter po ako. Gusto ko po sana ma check ito. What time po ang clinic nyo sa pgh. Thanks po.

      1. Hello Doc, good day! Ask ko lng po kung pwede nyo ako bigyan ng idea how much pomang t3 at tsh test sa clinic nyo? Salamat po in advance!

        1. Hi Glaiza! We don’t do TSH and T3 at my clinic. These tests are done either in the hospital or at laboratories. Depending on where you have it done, the price range is PhP 500-1000 per test.

  3. hi po, may NET specialists po ba dito sa Philippines na pwede nyo po irecommend? I had 72 hr test na po last 2012 sa St Lukes and sabi nag positive po ako for insulinoma but they havent seen anything po sa scans (MRI and CT scan). I am part of a support group for insulinoma and they are telling me na mas nakikita daw po yun sa EUS.. hope you could help me po. thanks

    1. I have asked the Philippine Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism. For St. Luke’s, Dr. Michael Villa was recommended.

  4. Doc, I am currently working here in Kuwait and have been diagnosed of parathyroid adenoma…I undergo laboratory test, ultrasound and MRI. The Consultant Surgeon here in Kuwait wanted to do my surgery but I prefer to do it in the Philippines during my vacation this coming December 19, 2014 with my own expense. I like to undergo the surgery after New Year and my schedule to return to Kuwait in January 15, 2015 in Philippine General Hospital. I’ve heard this MIRP to use in this operation. Doc can you recommend an experienced endocronologist doctor and surgeon who can handled this operation in PGH. One more Doc…how much or the estimate of expenses to cover this operation. Is Philhealth can cover a part of expenses.

    Looking forward on your reply.

    Best regards.

    Mr. Cris F. Cabral

      1. hi po i fear I also have hyperparathyroidism bec I already have calcium deposits in my heart and kidneys. Can you refer me to an endo who could perform MIRP surgery? thx doctora

  5. hi, how many endocrinologists are there in the Philippines? specifically, I am wondering how many doctors, that would be considered as specialized in Diabetes, are there? thanks.

  6. Hi doc, good evening, ask ko lang po yung schedule ni Dr. Michael Villa, gusto ko po sana mag undergo HRT. Thank you

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    1. Sa website po ng Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism ay may “Find an Endocrinologist.” Ito po ang directory ng lahat ng endocrinologists sa buong Pilipinas kung saan makakahanap po kayo ng doktor malapit sa inyo. Ang desisyon kung kailangan ng operasyon o maaaring gamot lamang ay nakabatay sa maraming bagay at kailangan po ng konsultasyon sa klinika.

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    1. Saan po ba sa charity or sa pay? May Philhealth po ba kayo? Ang expense po ay depende po dito. Kailangan din po kayong makita ng doktor para malaman kung gaano katagal ang kailangang operating time dahil may operating room fee din po.

  9. hi po doc, may goiter po kasi ang nanay ko, matagal na po, till now hindi pa po gumagaling, need na po ba nya magpaopera, or ank ba po mas magandang gawin, magkanu po kaya gagastusin, covered po ba ang philhealth..
    thanks po in advance

  10. Hi Doc, my Sister might have hyperthyrodism. We are from Puerto Galera. We need to see an endocrinologist. Who can you recommend near our area?Oriental Mindoro or Batangas. I appreciate any information you can provide.

  11. Hello. I have been diagnosed with thyroid nodule – but thyroid glands are normal in size. Would like to check who’s the recommended endocrinologist in St. Luke’s or UST? Also what are the side effects of RAI therapy if I don’t want to go under operation? Thanks!

  12. Good morning, Doc.

    Hope you can help me. My obgyn diagnosed me having a PCOS. No test or exams na ginawa sa akin. She prescribed me to take Diane 35 last year but hindi ko masyado na tetake. This feb till this month ko lang siya natuloy tuloy. Gusto ko sana magpa check up ulit. This time, sa Endo. Kaso natatakot po ko na baka ipaopera agad ako since medyo malaki ‘yung tiyan ko. I wonder if there’s any possibility na bigyan muna ko ng meds muna so i can still save some cash? I’m a student lang kase. Thank you so much.

    1. Which hospital would you like to go to see an endocrinologist so I can recommend one? My clinic is at Philippine General Hospital FMAB and you can contact my secretary Mel if you’d like to set up an appointment 09167988709.

  13. Hi Iris, my daughter is 8. She had a period a few months ago. She has an enlarged clitoris and a deep voice. She is a happy normal girl but we need advice. Where should we go ?

    1. You need to see a pediatric endocrinologist. Dr. Sioksoan Cua in Manila Doctors Hospital or Dr. Lorna Abad in St. Lukes QC.

  14. Hi Doc Iris I really need your help.. I’m suffering hormonal imbalance, I had diabetes too. I had my first menstruation when I was 18, month of July after that nothing follows until now.. I’m already 33 years old. I did some lab test but still nothings happen. I don’t know where to start to cure this illness. can u please help me.. I want to discuss my case in-person. hoping for your response thank you and God bless.

    1. You do need an endocrinologist. I have clinic at Philippine General Hospital Faculty Medical Arts Bldg. You can text my secretary Mel 09167988709 for an appointment. If this is too far from you, let me know which hospital is nearest so I can recommend another endocrinologist.

  15. Hello, any recommendations for endocrinologist in Makati Med or St Lukes Global? I was diagnosed hypothyroid initially my doctor didnt prescribe any treatment. I would like to try to get pregnant and avoid the possibility of having a miscarriage again. No longer comfortable with my previous doctor hance asking for recommendations. Thank you!

      1. my colloid none toxic goiter po aq. year 2014 nagpa boipsy aq..Wla nman cnabi skin ng doctor na uminom aq ng gamot..ang sbi nya tlga minalas lng dw tlaga aq nagkaroon aq..Pinirmahan lng nya ang waiver fit to work aq.Gusto q sna pag uwi q magpagamot aq..Meron po ba kyo mai refer espesyalista( Dr.) sa Philippine General Hospital.

        1. May clinic po ako sa Philippine General Hospital Faculty Medical Arts Bldg. You can text my secretary Mel 09167988709 for an appointment.

          1. Hi po. Can you recommend endocrinologist in perpetual help hospital and asian hospital? 3yrs ago i was diagnosed to have a thyroid problem. Meron nodule sa thyroid. My doctor said i need to undergo surgery but not that urgent. Now, the nodule is getting bigger and kinda painful. Please help po i wanna see a good doctor. Thank you!

            1. endocrine-witch

              Asian hospital po si Dr. Ivy Amante or Dr. Joy Fontanilla. Perpetual hospital po si Dr. Laura Acampado or Dr. Kristine Corvera.

    1. Hi doc,ask q lng po kung how much it cost per session ng endo.and is that covers philhealth khit partial cost lng.beneficiary nanay ko ng indigent philhealth…thanks

      1. I’m sorry ano pong ibig ninyong sabihin sa session, konsulta po ba? Because consults are not covered by Philhealth, but consultation is free po sa Philippine General Hospital charity outpatient department.

    2. Hi! Doc, I am 26 weeks pregnant and my OB advised me to see an endocrinologist kasi based on my lab test po, mataas ang creatine, cholesterol at triglycerides ko po. Pwede po ba kau? If you don’t mind, how much po ang consultation? Also, she advised me to have my Hba1c test. Do you have any idea po kng magkano po kaya?

      Looking forward for your response po.

      Thank you

    3. Hi doc..i have been diagnosed of multinodular hyperthyroidism..and im planning to have surgery..pde ba mgpa2nd opinion sa inyo…thank you

    4. djay purificacion

      Hi Good day!
      ask ko lang po if may kilala ka pa pong Doctor na pwedeng makatulong sakin aside from Dr. Michael Villa, kasi mejo malayo pa ako, im from Cavite and napaka hassle ng byahe going to QC.

      I am palling to undergo HRT πŸ™‚ so yung may alam po talaga dun. kasi balak ko na sana magpa tingin sa Endocrinologist sa hospital malapit dito, kaso po ang concern ko ee baka po wala syang alam sa gusto kong gawin so sayang lang din po yung ibabayad para sa cosultation

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      1. Ang kilala ko na mga endocrnologist sa Cavite sila Dr. Olive Roderos and Dr. Aimee Silva sa La Salle. But I don’t know if they do HRT.

    5. Hello πŸ™‚ si Dr. Michael Villa po ba tumatanggap ng ftm patients even without recommemdation from psychologist? Thanks!

    6. hi doc, my father is a 75 yr old diabetic and currently experiencing severe cough and dizziness, could you recommend a good doctor in St lukes qc or makati med? yung mabait, makatao and hindi po msyado mataas sumingil. thank you po.

    7. Hi Doc, can you pls. Recommend a doctor near in Mandaluyong? And gusto ko din po i-ask kung anong doctor po ba need ko, i want to know po kase kung my hormonal imbalance ako. Minsan i have irregular period, lots of pimples and mabilis ako mag weight gain also my boobs are kinda shringking sometimes? Do i go to Obgyn or Endo doctors? And may i know narin po kung how much usually is the consultation fee. Thank you.

    8. Hello doc. Any doctors that have experience in monitoring and assisting people that have used performance enhancing drugs? I was using somatotropin (hgh) for 3 months and was losing body fat like crazy then suddenly I started gaining weight and felt really tired and depressed. Aches and muscle pain all over in addition to flu like symptomes. I’m waiting for results for my blood test to clarify if this is a thyroid issue. Feedback appreciated

      1. I don’t have such experience but any endocrinologist can help you at least figure out if it’s a hormonal problem.

    9. Hi doc I have positive thyroid peroxidase antibody can you recommend endo. in st Luke’s global with specialty in autoimmune thyroid problems?

      1. Any endocrinologist can handle autoimmune thyroid disease. At Global I know Dr. Karla Fernando.

      1. There are about 200 endocrinologists in the Philippines. If you can tell me your location, I can recommend someone.

    10. Hello doc. Can you please recommend an endocrinologist from Asian hospital alabang? If possible, with obgyne specialization as well, kung wala naman po, okay lang. I am browsing po kasi their directory of doctors and madami po sila, baka po may kakilala kayo na ma-irerefer para po sa akin. I am female and 34 yrs old.

    11. Hi Doc. Im 51 years of age. Just recently I was diagnosed of having a multinodular hyperthyroidism..ano po ba mga options other than surgery. At mayron po ba kayong mairecommend na doctor sa Chinese Gen Hospital – kasi dun po ako malapit.

    12. Tnx u so much for giving us the knowledge to understand of what is an Endocrinology. This is one way of educating us through social media.

        1. Hi, would you know a doctor who can prescribe T3 medicine? And how come not a lot of doctors prescribe this medication?

          1. We used to have T3 available in the Philippines and it was used for preparation prior to radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. It is no longer available locally. Otherwise, there is no approved indication for this as far as current treatment guidelines.

            1. Hi Doc. Ask sana ako help if may kilala kayong pedia endo near pasig city. My kid is 5 y.o and fbs nya for his age. Baka may marecommend kayo? Thanks

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