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Have you downloaded the #ENDO2013 app?

Are you on your way to San Francisco to attend #ENDO2013? Then don't forget to download the app before you go!

I remember using the 2012 app and it helped me a lot in figuring out my conference schedule – from choosing between concurrent sessions to finding my way to the meeting rooms. I still have the 2012 app on my iPad with the meeting notes!

The app has an easy-to-use interface and looks very similar to last year's.

Compare the 2012 to 2013 dashboards. The “Meeting Extras” button is gone. “Sessions” has been renamed “Programs.” The “Schedule at a Glance” button is gone but then that was a just a shortcut to a PDF of the scientific program, and will not be missed. New buttons include “Abstract Embargo Policy,” “Walking Maps” and “Early Career Programs.”

I've downloaded the app on both my Samsung S3 and my iPad. I can't sync my schedule from one device to the other. However, there is an Online Personal Scheduler at the Endocrine Society website. The app can import my online schedule on both devices so that solves it!

The app updates when there's wifi access and that's good for any last minute changes in room assignments or speakers.

I'm from the Philippines and the app saves me luggage space (for shopping!) since I don't need to bring home the abstract book. I can view abstracts on the app.

The “Walking Map” will definitely come in handy as this will be a walking convention – no shuttles!

Want to save trees? You can spare a copy of the ENDO daily since this is available through the app as well.

Want to know the buzz on Twitter? The app has a Twitter feed for #ENDO2013. I found this helpful last year as I could “follow” what was going on in the other meeting rooms through the feed.

This is my first post using Blogsy on my iPad. I'll share my schedule when I'm done figuring it out – choosing what to attend (with all the concurrent interesting sessions) is harder than using the #ENDO2013 app!


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