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Patient Information on Facebook: How are We Doing?

December is really the month I end up revising my blog or starting new things online it seems. It was December 2010 when I launched Hormone Hotspots on Facebook. Hormone Hotspots was meant to be a way for the Philippine Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism (PSEM) to reach out to Filipino patients with endocrine conditions. Hormone Hotspots had been a PSEM publication distributed at doctors’ clinics but when funding for printing costs ran out, I suggested to try social media. This was my first experience distributing patient information on social media.

Fast forward to December 2012. I put up the Endocrine Witch page on Facebook. In contrast to Hormone Hotspots which was mainly article-driven, I decided to try photos (with short health messages) which I felt will be easier to share and thus had a greater chance of going viral. I’ve been posting new photos daily. I hope I can keep this up. My blog has not seen much activity but I hope to write accompanying posts for each and every photo I’ve posted on Facebook in the coming weeks.

Facebook page data has also gotten more complicated since 2010. FB Insights (usage reports) were not available until I had 30 page likes! Here’s a snapshot of my data last January 5.


Total Likes and Friends of Fans are self-explanatory. People talking about this is defined by Facebook this way

The number of unique people who have created a story about your page from XXX to XXX. A story is created  when someone likes your page; posts to your page wall; likes, comments or shares one of your page posts; answers a question you posted; responds to your event; mentions your page; tags your page in a photo; checks in at your location; or recommends your location.

Hmm, should I add a location for Endocrine Witch? My clinic maybe? Let me think about that.

Weekly total reach is defined as

The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page from XXX to XXX. This includes ads and sponsored stories that point to your page.

It’s early days yet. I once ran an ad campaign for Hormone Hotspots and that is the reason why up to now this page has 1,254 likes. I’ll consider this later maybe for Endocrine Witch, but not yet 🙂


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