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#HealthXPH: We’re still on Twitter!

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I’m still on Twitter! I’ve explored Mastodon ( through this helpful guide though. I did download my Twitter archive (since June 2010) last November 9. All 90.7k tweets (2,962 MB)! Well, I haven’t really checked if it’s all there.

Last May, I hosted this tweet chat, Are you staying on Twitter? Back then, Elon Musk had just taken over Twitter but no radical changes had happened yet. So much has happened since then! But yes, I’m still on Twitter. Maybe we can revisit this topic.

After initially launching the pay USD 8 for a blue check scheme which backfired, Elon has announced he will launch a new color-coded verification program: gold for companies, grey for government, and blue for individuals.

T1. Are you willing to pay for a blue check on Twitter? Why or why not?

Recently, Twitter has stopped enforcing its COVID-19 misinformation policy. Previously, tweets contradicting authoritative sources on COVID-19 were taken down, with many accounts suspended for violating policy.

“Musk is scrapping a misinformation policy that was imperfect and replacing it with a new system that’s much more easily hacked and gamed,” she said. “What he’s doing with this policy is washing his hands of Twitter’s responsibility of determining fact or fiction and giving it over to the users of Twitter, which we know is not going to be an effective strategy at all. They will make true whatever they want to make true.”

Emily Dreyfuss,

T2. Do you think that Twitter users should be responsible for policing the platform for misinformation and not Twitter itself?

Though I’ve had a Mastodon account since 2020 on the server run by the University of the Philippines, I never actually used it. I created a second Mastodon account last November 5 at where most of #MedTwitter had fled, just in case.

T3. What will make you leave Twitter? If you left Twitter, where would you go?

Thanks to Dr. Nisperos (@genenisperos) for suggesting this topic!

See you tomorrow 3 Dec 2022 9 pm (Manila time) for the #HealthXPH tweet chat.


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