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Are you staying on Twitter?

I’m writing this #HealthXPH pre-chat blog post just days from the Philippines’ presidential elections. I definitely have election anxiety! The Leni-Kiko tandem will be holding their meeting de avance so I’m sure attention will be divided for the #HealthXPH tweet chat. But I will be where I can often be found online, on Twitter.

In the early days of #HealthXPH, I would say that if there was suddenly a law that said you can choose only one social network, I would ditch Facebook and keep Twitter. And yet despite having that sentiment, even in the post Cambridge Analytica era, I’m still on Facebook. I even moderated a #HealthXPH tweet chat about this last February 2020 – What will it take to delete Facebook?

So this time, why am I asking, Are you staying on Twitter? I had uneasy feelings when Elon Musk acquired Twitter recently. But the discomfort was amplified when he said –

So let’s discuss this at the #HealthXPH tweet chat 7 May 2022 9 pm Manila time.

T1. Will you pay to stay on Twitter? Why or why not?

What’s a casual user? If I were to pay, how much would I be willing to pay? Is that a one-time fee or is it a subscription? So many questions.

Since Elon acquired Twitter and even when he was just hinting at the possibility, he had been barraged by tweets suggesting how the platform can be improved. So let’s crowdsource at the #HealthXPH tweet chat! I’ve still not decided whether I want an edit button or not.

T2. What changes to the Twitter platform will you suggest to Elon Musk?

Elon has said that he thinks Twitter’s content moderation policy is too stringent. George Takei feels that this might make Twitter even more toxic for users.

Elon also vowed to go after spam bots and authenticate all humans on Twitter.

T3. Do you agree that all Twitter users should be authenticated? How can the platform change if everyone has a blue check mark?

See you at the #HealthXPH tweet chat!


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