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Why are you still on Twitter?

I joined Twitter last June of 2010 … and I’m still here. I looked up what I’d written related to Twitter on this blog and the oldest post I saw was September 2010 when I recommended some organizations related to diabetes care, whom I follow on Twitter. Who knew that I’d still be here after some major changes on Twitter (from 140 to 280 char limit, Fleets, Spaces and no more Twitter crop)? Well, there’s still no edit button.

And aha, it seems I already moderated a #HealthXPH tweet chat last 2014 on the use of the Twitter in healthcare. Phil Baumann’s 2009 post on 140 healthcare uses of Twitter is still up and so is Dr. Anne Marie Cunningham’s slide deck, Why does a twitter doctor tweet- 10 reasons for a social media presence on the Well, we can do that again but with slightly different questions. Back then, I asked the following questions:

  • Why did you join Twitter? Was being a healthcare professional a cause for concern?
  • Has being on Twitter helped you as a healthcare professional or as a patient? If yes, in what ways?
  • Enumerate ways that Twitter is used in your healthcare setting.

Twitter has changed drastically over the years. It’s become less welcoming and even scarier for newbies. It will take more effort and fortitude to build a personal learning network on Twitter over and above the noise, more if you want to build knowledge and reputation for career advancement.

Let’s revisit our reasons for being on Twitter this Saturday 9 pm at the #HealthXPH tweet chat. We’re also holding a simultaneous Twitter Spaces conversation.

T1. Why did you join Twitter? Why do you choose to remain on Twitter?

T2. Enumerate the ways you use Twitter. How has it helped you as student, trainee, healthcare professional, or patient?

T3. What role do you take on Twitter? Are you a critical clinician, translational teacher, interactive investigator or something else?

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