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Twitter for Diabetes Information

I recently wrote an article for DiabetesWatch magazine on getting diabetes information on Twitter.  The following are some organizations I’m currently following. I’ve included the brief bio they have on their Twitter profile.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is leading the fight to stop diabetes and its deadly consequences, and fighting for all those affected by diabetes.

The National Diabetes Education Program is a partnership of NIH and CDC.


Seeking a better life for everyone affected by diabetes!


Joslin Diabetes Center is the world’s preeminent diabetes research and clinical care organization.

Diabetes Health is the essential resource for people living with diabetes – both newly-diagnosed and experienced – as well as the professionals who care for them.

World Diabetes Day is marked each year on November 14. It is led by the International Diabetes Federation.


International Diabetes Federation


Voice of Diabetes. Radio talk show and online global community, serving as a platform to share knowledge, news and insight on living with and managing diabetes.

Diabeat-1t aims to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t define you, you define 1t! Spread the word!

I’m also on Twitter – @endocrine_witch.

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