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Do I have what it takes to be an infodemic manager?

I attended the pre-conference of the first World Health Organization (WHO) Infodemiology last 29 June 2020. I think that’s how I got on the emailing list which led me to luckily (I don’t read all my emails yikes) see the announcement email about the #infodemicmanager training.

At that pre-conference, I learned a lot from Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO special envoy.

I had tweeted about infodemiology some years back but had not kept up with the literature.

And so applying for the infodemic manager training felt like I was joining a talent search like Starstruck … Dream, believe, survive! I even had to make a personal video statement. [Graphic below by Sam Bradd]

I’m happy to report that I got in the first cohort!! And I hope to write about my progress (my journey through the factory) on this blog. [Graphic below by Sam Bradd]

By the way, I am proud to represent the Philippines. There are three other Filipinos in this first cohort of 270. A total of 650 applications from 83 countries was received. Yup, that’s a tamaraw unicorn! [Graphic below by Sam Bradd]

The first creative activity was to compose a haiku on joining the training. Here’s what I sent in; and no that’s not dolomite 😉 .

I wrote a few more haikus, but that’s what I finally sent in.

Dis- or misinfo-  
Make online safer for all 
Do, there is no try
Whose version of truth 
will you accept or reject 
Infodemic asks
An infodemic 
manager discerns when 
lies bewitch the truth


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