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The Dance of Joy at #Bloggys2015

I still can’t believe it! THIS BLOG won People’s Choice Award in the Health & Fitness Category of the Philippine Blogging Awards. My post on Why Does Self-Diagnosis Annoy Doctors? won Blog Post of the Year.

As a resident training in internal medicine, I spent ten months in the front lines of the Philippine General Hospital emergency room. Nothing much shocks me anymore. [This, from someone who fainted at the very same ER after seeing blood spurting from a cut eyebrow. I was a medical student then.] I win rarely at raffles. And always it’s a minor prize. BUT THIS!! This deserves the dance of joy!


I got an email from #Bloggys2015 saying I had won a “special award” in my category. My presence was requested at the gala night. Weeks back, even before I got this notice, I had already requested for tickets to attend the awards night. I thought it might be a good opportunity to see what was happening in the Philippine blogosphere.

I had another special reason to attend the gala night – was a finalist in the Health & Fitness Category!

My husband accompanied me. I felt like a fish out of water. We sat down together somewhere in the middle rows. I watched as nominees of different categories were called and awards given out. It was like watching a graduation! After I walked up the stage to represent #HealthXPH and this blog; and my husband got the requisite pictures 🙂 I decided to go home to join the #HealthXPH tweet chat happening at 9 pm. We needed to go home as well because our kids were with my parents.

The email said a special award in your category. So when I got the People’s Choice award, I thought that was it.


I was shocked to see Remo’s tweet in the middle of the #HealthXPH tweet chat, that I had won another award!


I reviewed the feed and there it was! And I had already gone home!!


When I went up the stage for the Health and Fitness Category, I was beside Dr. Stef dela Cruz. When she spoke about blogging at the First Social Media & Healthcare Summit organized by #HealthXPH last February, she mentioned vanity metrics. Since then, it has guided me in the work I do on social media and inspired me to search for outcomes beyond likes and shares. Congratulations Stef for being a finalist too in the health & fitness category!


Thanks to the organizers and judges of #Bloggys2015! I am deeply grateful for the awards I received. I remain fascinated by the intersection of social media and healthcare and will continue to do work in this space.

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