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#Doctors20: Mind Mapping for Health

Day 1 of Doctors 2.0 You conference. I’m at the master class for Mind Mapping for Health with Margot Vanfleteren (@MargotVF). We were to give a physician and patient’s point of view respectively, to the discussion by Jose M. Guerrero (@infosegS).

Jose is the founder and CEO of Infoseg, a company dedicated to research and development of mind mapping automation applications. He is also  co-author of Introduction to the applications of mind mapping in medicine. More about Jose here.



I ask students in my health informatics class to make mind maps so I’m familiar with the process. What truly excited me was how mind mapping can be automated. You’d have to ask Jose how that’s done (trade secret!) but this master class was eye opening in many other ways. Get a glimpse of how it’s done, in this slide deck.





Pay particular attention to slide 2 which lists the type of files that can be used to automate mind mapping. This is not a paid advertisement. But I bet my students might get in touch with Jose for help with their homework!




Truly, I have never met anyone as into mind mapping as Jose! After the session, you feel like EVERYTHING has to be mind mapped and NOW. 🙂   Should I mind map this post before proceeding?     

Jose made me wish I had known more about mind mapping when I was a student. My son in grade school was already taught how to use the Idea Sketch app (now Idea Flip) on his iPad by his teacher, to summarize lessons!




Maybe I should ask my internal medicine residents to mind map Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or my endocrine fellows to mind map De Groot’s Endocrinology. Cue in my witch cackle!




Mind mapping can improve memory! Mind maps help us understand and retain information better. Here’s why –






But far beyond improving memory, here’s why mind mapping is sorely needed in healthcare. Jose says mind mapping can help prevent medical errors!





How about using mind maps for website navigation? While you’re at it, why can’t a Google search come out as a mind map? Wow!




Quite dramatically, Jose even unfolded a medication insert. He asked, do you think patients read all of this or even understand it? Yup, he thinks mind maps are also the way to go for that drug insert. 


Sadly, there was not enough time at the session to discuss other possible applications in healthcare but Jose has shared his slide deck. Check out the beautiful mind maps!


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  1. Thanks for your comments Iris! I am glad you liked the presentation. I will soon explain more about automation by email.

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