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Tweeps at Doctors 2.0

Yes, I’m back in Manila. Jet lagged. I need to write down everything I heard, saw and learned at Doctors 2.0 before I forget!

Let’s start with WHO was there. I loved that the program book listed the Twitter handles of all the speakers and ambassadors who attended the meeting. I’m reproducing it here.

  1. Denise Silber @Health20Paris
  2. Sami Alhussayen @_junnah
  3. Carole Avril @FederationAfd
  4. Ellis Bartholomeus @ellisinwonderla
  5. Samantha Beneyto @sbeneyto
  6. Lisa Bernstein @itsthebunk
  7. Jean-Paul Berthome @expanscience_fr
  8. Christine Bievenu @Tinaburger
  9. David-Henri Bismuth @DhBismuth
  10. Veronica Bluguermann @fistarproject
  11. Joao Bocas @SelfCareGuru
  12. Isabelle Bocher-Pianka @IpsenGroupFR
  13. Andrea Borondy Kitts @findlungcancer
  14. Carlo Caballero @carvicab
  15. Yvanie Caille @Renalooo
  16. Vanessa Carter @face_sa
  17. Larry Chu @LarryChu
  18. Andreas Dam @andreasdam
  19. Norrie Daroga @ndaroga
  20. Patrick Delavault @IpsenGroupFR
  21. Michael Dillhyon @swissgator
  22. Mette Dyhrberg @mettedyhrberg
  23. Francois Germain-Lacour @FGermainLacour
  24. Seth Ginsberg @creakyjoints
  25. Tal Givoly @givoly
  26. Angel Gonzales @angel189
  27. Cyril Grospiron @cyrilgrospiron
  28. Jose M. Guerrero @infosegs
  29. Alexane Gurwic @alexanegurwic
  30. Thibaud Guymard @thibaudguymard
  31. Leslie Harris @LittleVenetian
  32. Evert Hoogendoorn @EvertH
  33. Iris Thiele Isip Tan @endocrine_witch
  34. El Mehdi Jadoual @EsanumFrance
  35. Jean Gabriel Jeannot @jgjeannot
  36. Bernadette Keefe @nxtstop1
  37. Martin Kelly @health_xl
  38. Peter Kirk @sermo
  39. Larisa Kryuchkova @uvizr
  40. Jan-Christoph Loh @Medexo_GmbH
  41. Aniruddha Malpani @malpani
  42. Laurence Marchal @expanscience_fr
  43. Giovanna Marsico @GioMarsi
  44. Didier Mennecier @hepatoweb
  45. Berci Mesko @Berci
  46. Thierry Oquidam @ThierryOquidam
  47. Nicolas Peju @nicopeju
  48. Eric Phelippeau @EricPhelippeau
  49. Dider Pittet @didierpittet
  50. Sandeep Pulim @pointofcare
  51. Juriaan van Risjswijk @jurriaanvr
  52. Franck Schneider @fksc_
  53. Andrew Schorr @andrewschorr
  54. Michael Seres @mjseres
  55. Brandi Sinkfield @anesthesia_buzz
  56. Gia Sison @giasison
  57. Andrew Spong @andrewspong
  58. Jean-Francois Suelves @jf_suelves
  59. Nicolas Terry @nicolasterry
  60. Remy Teston @rteston
  61. Alan Thomas @alanroygbiv
  62. Miguel Tovar @blogaceutics
  63. Guy Vallancien @gvallancien
  64. Margot Vanfleteren @MargotVF
  65. Vincent Varlet @DrVarlet
  66. Michael A. Weiss @hospitalpatient
  67. Nuria Zuniga @tulupus
  68. Yves Lavail @yvesir
  69. Marie Ennis-O’Connor @JBBC

If you’re new to Twitter, this is THE list of people you can start following if you are interested in digital health.

My hubby took these pictures of the program book and emailed it to everyone we knew!


And of course, he took a closeup of my picture on the cover.


The venue for Doctors 2.0 was a 15-minute walk from my Air BnB apartment. It was good I had on sensible walking shoes as quite a bit of that was uphill! Here I am pretending to be cool despite the exertion when I reached Cite Universitaire.


I felt like a kid being dropped off at school on the first day. My hubby took this snapshot for posterity.


And who did I meet right at the registration area? Bernadette (@nxtstop1) and Marie (@JBBC)! I would not have even started to seriously plan attending Doctors 2.0 if not for these two.


I was also on a mission to have a picture taken with @Berci or my friend Remo (@bonedoc) would be so disappointed. After his talk, I went up to Berci and introduced myself … and asked for THE picture. He was ever so nice! Thanks Dr. Caballero (@carvicab) for this picture.


I met up with Alan (@alanroygbiv) at the first presentation I attended on Day 1. He had been tweeting me about meeting at #Doctors20 weeks before. He took our selfie.


I also have a selfie with Liza Bernstein. It’s just so surreal to meet tweeps IRL! She had tweeted me hoping to meet on Day 2. And just like that, we bumped into each other at the refreshments table.


Thanks again Denise Silber (@health20Paris) for this wonderful opportunity. Here’s a group picture at dinner on the eve of Doctors 2.0! Thanks to Andrea (@findlungcancer) for this picture.


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  1. Hello Iris. Thanks for this lovely photoblog. We enjoyed meeting you and your husband IRL. Come back soon! Denise

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