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Endocrine Witch: That’s Me!

Question no. 2 from the 26 Questions about Digital Health by Denise Silber of Doctors 2.0.

How can you take your organization (or yourself) to the next level on Social Media in Health?


I was just thinking about this the other day when someone pointed out that calling myself the Endocrine Witch was a good move. I always joke that it’s only because someone already took Endo Goddess. But that’s not really true. Read about why I call myself the Endocrine Witch here.

I find that when answering a blogging prompt, I recall something I’ve previously read. Here’s one of my saved links on Facebook!


I’ve been thinking of the three step strategy outlined in this Slideshare for some time. As with some things in my life, I just never got around to doing it.

Step 1. Improve my personal SEO. This blog is linked to my Google+ but I must confess those Google+ circles are just not working for me. This blog is my internet home base. I’ve been blogging more regularly recently. I’ve changed my WordPress theme several times. Hmm, a speaker’s page … I don’t have that yet. Graphic resume in pdf format. Yup, don’t have that too!

Step 2. Conduct a personal content audit. Morselizing my work. Oh, that’s what it’s called! I’ve been putting my Slideshare presentations in my blog posts recently. So that’s a check! I should try making digital postcards too. I do have photos with heath messages on But I designed those with patients in mind. Thinking aloud that I can try that for academic work too. Visual research! I do publish my slide decks on Slideshare but I haven’t tried the Haiku Deck or used Scribd for research posters. And my pin boards on Pinterest are on loombands, trollbeads and work outfits, ooops!

Step 3. Expand my personal learning network. Trust at a glance? My Twitter profile page is full of hashtags. #HealthXPh, #hcldr, #MedEd, #FOAMed. Maybe my LinkedIn can have a makeover. I do have my research links there. This blog is looking very current with the almost daily posts. I’ve been sharing these posts online and connecting with others. I feel like I’m in a good place. 🙂

Thanks for this Slideshare, @SidneyEve!



3 thoughts on “Endocrine Witch: That’s Me!”

  1. Hello, thank you very much for writing such an engaging post! I am so very glad to hear that the strategy resonated with you 🙂
    Sincerely, Sidneyeve

  2. The more I read about “streamlining” social media profiles, the more I believe its becoming an essential part of an educators portfolio platforms. Enlightening post Doc Iris!

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