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Doctors 2.0: 26 Questions about Digital Health

There I was hands on keyboard, waiting for inspiration to strike so I can write a blog post. Aha, Denise Silber has sent me a Doctors 2.0 email! Thanks Denise!

She asks 26 questions about digital health:

  1. What concrete steps can you  take so that your next digital health tool (app, community, newsletter,…) will be of long lasting interest to the end user?
  2. How can you take your organization (or yourself) to the next level on Social Media in Health?
  3. What is the latest news in eReputation  and monitoring?
  4. How can major corporations successfully collaborate with start-ups? What’s the best model?
  5. What is it like to collaborate with IBM Watson for Health?
  6. How are ehealth hackathons impacting the medical / pharmaceutical industries?
  7. What do we know about the emergence of “Patient Opinion Leaders”?
  8. How are patients using web-based tools and social media for advocacy?
  9. How can patient-generated data shorten time to diagnosis and for clinical research?
  10. How is twitter impacting the future of medical conferences?
  11. What can Virtual Medical Assistants do for patients?
  12. How are 2nd medical opinions and the search for experts getting new life online
  13. How does one manage multi-lingual online patient communities?
  14. How are clinicians using social media to get messages across?
  15. How are physician communities online impacting clinical decisions?
  16. How different are different online physician communities?
  17. What are leading hospital clinicians seeking in digital tools?
  18. How do you validate a Simulation training tool for physicians?
  19. How is Citizen Science using Serious Games? What is the largest such initiative?
  20. What are the latest trends in applied or serious games for health?
  21. Besides Google Glass and Oculus Rift, what are the augmented reality tools to know?
  22. What can we learn from the Do it yourself 3D printing of limb-type devices ?
  23. How do you  evaluate connected objects for health?
  24. How can you improve your health and productivity with 20 connected objects?
  25. How do existing laws and regulations apply to connected objects?
  26. How do you launch the research of a new connected object?


And there I have it! 26 days worth of blog posts. If you want to know the answers 🙂 come to Doctors 2.0 with me. See you in Paris June 4-5.

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