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Why Does a Twittering Doctor Tweet?

I borrowed the title from Dr. Anne Marie Cunningham (@amcunningham). It’s from her Slideshare presentation. She lists 10 reasons why doctors should try Twitter.


I’m annotating her wonderful list!
1. To connect

I checked my Twitter profile page. I’m following 1,369 tweeps! I really should organize them into Twitter lists by interest but I haven’t. I like the serendipity of scanning my feed and finding nuggets of information. Probably not the most efficient way of doing things, but it works for me. I can write an entire blog post on the many people I have met on Twitter who have helped me in one way or another. For a teaching award I recently won, I’d like to acknowledge Dr. Charles Severance (@drchuck) and Deirdre Bonnycastle (@Bonnycastle). Dr. Chuck’s slide deck on a simple lecture recording setup and Deirdre’s medical education blog helped me a lot!


2. To engage

I join the #HealthXPh tweet chat every week. Here I am able to engage not only with healthcare professionals but also patients and patient advocates.

      3. To inform   At the #HealthXPh tweet chat, participants often share informative links related to the topic being discussed.  

      4. To reflect  

      5. To share     Dr. Tapia (@cebumd) is one of the founders of #HealthXPh. He is on dialysis for polycystic kidney disease. He wrote the pre-chat blog post on using social media for finding organ donors and crowdsourcing funds.  



6. To be challenged


      7. To be supported     This! From my friend Gia, #HealthXPH co-founder.

      8. To lead    

      9. To learn    



10. To inspire



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