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#HAWMC: Hobbies

#HAWMC Day 22.

Running and 3PM dance parties are some of our favorite hobbies at WEGO Health. Tell us, what are YOUR hobbies? Love to crochet? Can’t stop collecting rocks? Take photographs of everything? Share your favorite past times.

Arts and crafts! I love making stuff with my hands. In an earlier #HAWMC blog post on resting, I wrote about doing rainbow loom bracelets and charms. I love browsing Pinterest and trying new designs.

Is Pinterest a hobby? Check out my board, Craft Ideas. I have a separate board for Christmas Craft.

When I was newly married, my hobby then was scrapbooking. I made a few scrapbooks. But if you ask my hubby, he thinks my hobby is collecting scrapbook how-to books and supplies! I still have them in my closet, shhh! Recently, I tried scrapbooking on my iPad using the Project Life app.

Here’s a sample. 🙂


A few years back I went crazy making kusudama flower balls. I even made red ones and gave them away one Christmas.


I also went through a phase where I made hundreds of lucky stars. A local craft store was selling those strips of beautiful paper. I feel an itch to make these again and fill up jars!


But here’s what I’m planning to try next – adult coloring books! Johanna Basford’s book Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book is out of stock at my local bookstore and I’m on the wait list. This looks amazing!

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