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#HAWMC: World Health Day

#HAWMC Day 7.

The blogging prompt for today is diet and nutrition.

After your diagnosis, did you alter your diet or health routine? If so, how? How do you maintain a healthy regimen?

I’m an endocrinologist … with an endocrine condition. In the year 2000, I diagnosed myself with a pituitary tumor, a prolactinoma. Read about my story here.

I had to take bromocriptine daily then. One known precaution for bromocriptine is to not take it with alcohol. Alcohol and bromocriptine can cause a disulfiram-like reaction. What are the symptoms of a disulfiram reaction? Chest pain, confusion, fast or pounding heartbeat, flushing or redness of face, sweating, nausea, vomiting, throbbing headache, blurred vision, and severe weakness. I’m off bromocriptine now, so I can take a glass of wine or two occasionally.

I’m an endocrinologist … with a strong family history of diabetes. I try to watch what I eat, if only because the people around me are checking if I practice what I preach. 🙂

Because it’s Christmas 🙂

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I eat low-fat yoghurt at breakfast and snack on nuts (when I remember). Apparently, nuts are good for the heart.

I’m an endocrinologist, but I’m human too! One thing I can’t resist –

My weakness… chicken skin from Sunburst in Cebu 🙂

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I teach calorie counting to my patients with diabetes. I’ve a background in health informatics so I tried the myfitnesspal app myself to count calories, before recommending its use. I like this app because it has a database of Filipino food.

At my Slideshare account I have several decks on medical nutrition therapy for diabetes. Below is a deck from 2014 –

And that’s a wrap! Wow, I reached Day 7 for #HAWMC!

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