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A Glass of Cold Water

I don’t know if they still do this in school now but in my youth, students were asked to stand in front of class and deliver a declamation piece. My favorite was of course the very sad “Vengeance is not ours, it’s God’s!” You don’t remember that? It famously begins with –

Alms, alms, alms. Spare me a piece of bread. Spare me your mercy.

I even thought looking for this soliloquy that “Alms, alms, alms” was the title!



But another famous declamation piece then was “A Glass of Cold Water.” I reproduce the words here from

Everybody calls me young, beautiful, wonderful. Am I? Look at my hair, my lips, my red rosy cheeks and a pair of blinkering eyes.

I remember, somebody says that I look like my mother that I look like my mother. But that when she was young.

Now, I am much lovelier than she is. I’m a mortal Venus. Oops! What time is it? I must get ready for the party!

Beep-beep…!A-huh! Here they are! Yes, I’m coming!

“Child, are you still there?”

“Hmp! That’s my mama”

“Child, are you still there? Will you please get me a glass of cold water?”

“Mama, I’m in a hurry!”

“Please child, try to get me a glass of cold water.”

“Mama, please, try to get it on your own.”

“Please child, try to get me a glass of cold water!”

At the party, I danced and danced the whole night.

You see, I can’t leave the party at once. I have to danced with everybody who proposed to me. At last, the party is over. I’m very tired. Very, very tired.

So, I went home to tell mama what happened.

“Mama, I’m home! It’s very quiet. “Mama, I’m home!” Nobody answers.

Where is she? I look for her in the sala, but she’s not there. Where is she? A-huh! In the kitchen!

I saw my mama, lying down on the floor, dead. With a glass on her hand. I remember, she tried to get it.

Oh, God, just for the glass of cold water! Mama! Mama! Oh, Mama!

So why am I reminiscing this now?!

Well, because March 12 is World Kidney Day! Here’s how we will celebrate that day from

Take a picture of yourself drinking and giving a glass of water. Tweet it @worldkidneyday with the message: “Today I celebrate #worldkidneyday. I drink and give a #glassofwater because #isupportwkd”. Share it our Facebook page! If you don’t have access to social media, you can send your picture by e-mail to

I’m sure my husband, a kidney doctor, will love this post. Love your kidneys!


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