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Here we go again!

It’s that time of the year when I’ve closed my clinic, sent off all the gifts (well, nearly all) and I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my family during the Christmas break … that I get the itch to rehash my blog.

Looking back, I haven’t really been writing posts at the recommended rate of one post every two to three days. I am very tempted now to rewrite a lot of my earlier posts – maybe I will! I will certainly add more Categories. It’s almost time for a New Year’s resolution anyway. I’ll write up my experiences of the last few months, now that I am finally able to take a breather 🙂

I wonder if anyone will notice the new look. The WordPress theme I’m now using is Lugada. I like the crisp white background and the apple green accent. It is what they call a “responsive” theme. This means that my site is optimized for viewing on whatever mobile device you may be using to read my posts!

I’ve turned on JetPack’s Publicize which means each post gets pushed to my social network. I hope I don’t regret this! I’ve put up an Endocrine Witch Facebook page.

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