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Health Informatics 201

My first teaching assignment in the MS Health Informatics program is the course Health Informatics 201 or HI 201. The course description is

spectrum of health informatics domains in the Philippine health care situation

Course credit is 3 units. You can check out our class blog at I have ambitiously embarked on setting up this course using project-based learning where students submit a weekly project related to the following themes:

  1. E-health in the Philippines
  2. Diffusion of Innovation in Health Care
  3. Evaluating Health Information Systems
  4. Challenges for Electronic Health Records
  5. EHR Implementation and Evaluation
  6. Clinical Decision Support
  7. Personal Health Records
  8. Messaging Standards
  9. Terminology Standards
  10. Imaging Standards
  11. Privacy, Confidentiality and Security
  12. Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval
  13. Telehealth
  14. mHealth
  15. The Internet and E-Health
  16. Legal and Regulatory Issues in E-Health

Please go to and check out the blog roll (student blogs) if you’d like to learn more about my students’ projects.


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