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It takes a lot of work to finish a presentation. The biggest audience I’ve ever had for a lecture was nearly 5,000 youth at a Y4IT conference in UP Diliman. But usually, there’s considerably fewer people at my talks. That’s why the idea of sharing my presentations holds considerable appeal for me! It gives these slides a life longer than its fleeting twenty- to thirty-minute shot at fame. And when one of my keynotes got ‘favorited’ by the team and featured on its home page, I was hooked for good!

My friends often ask to ‘borrow’ these slides and I’m always more than happy to direct them to my online slide gallery at But more amazingly, I’ve been approached on several occasions by people I didn’t know, thanking me for being generous enough to share these files. So I guess, it’s good for karma as well. It has also saved me time when trainees and reporters (I wish :)) approach me after a presentation, wanting a copy of my Keynote, clutching their USBs. Though my Mac is quite impervious to viruses, I do need to convert my Keynote to PowerPoint or PDF format first before I can give it to them. This online gallery just makes it more convenient!

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I hope you enjoy these slide presentations. If you do use a slide or an entire presentation 🙂 please don’t forget to cite me as the source, and include my website You can also show your appreciation by dropping me a line on Twitter @endocrine_witch.