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Phase I Research Question

Phase 1 involves consultation of the MSHI Candidate with his faculty adviser regarding research ideas. The MSHI candidate also consults content experts (identified and agreed upon by and the faculty adviser) to assure that the topic of interest is relevant or worth studying. The Research Question Form should be signed prior to research capsule presentation.

Phase II Research Capsule

A. Criteria used for Research Capsule Approval

  1. Significance based on any of the following criteria:
    1. a)  burden of illness
    2. b)  can provide an answer to a known scientific gap
    3. c)  can influence clinical practice/public health

    Note : University Rule: “must have worthwhile contribution to knowledge”

  2. Feasibility – can be implemented in 1-2 years (for approximately not more than Php 100,000.00)
  3. Ethical considerations – acceptable
  4. Methodological considerations – acceptable volume or scope of work, shoulddemonstrate the application of principles of clinical epidemiology and statistics, to include health social science and/or clinical economics as necessary

B. Outline of Research Capsule

  1. Summary of Literature Review and Rationale (1 page)
  2. Objective
  3. Study design
  4. Setting and Population (include sample size and sampling methodology)
  5. Overview of methodology
  6. Data Analysis Plan
  7. Enumeration of Methodologic Issues

Note : Please limit 3 pages only (using font size 10). Oral presentation should be the SUMMARY of proposed thesis and should not be longer than 5 minutes. The MS Candidate will be informed if the theses topic is approved verbally and in written from as soon as possible.

After the research capsule is approved, the MS Candidate should consult his faculty adviser so they can both agree on the thesis committee composition. The committee should have three helping members (a clinical epidemiologist, a content expert/clinician and a statistician). One of these helping members will be the thesis committee chairman. In addition to the helping members, there will be two external evaluators who will evaluate the finished paper and will be part of the panel during the oral defense. The faculty adviser is not required to be part of the thesis committee.

Phase III Research Protocol

Phase III involves the development of the detailed final thesis proposal. There should be input from the helping members of the thesis committee. The thesis committee members are available for consult during the conduct and writing of the thesis. The thesis committee chairman will oversee the different phases of the thesis. However, the MSHI Candidate should be responsible to arrange the consultations with all the thesis committee members.

The final thesis proposal should be orally presented to ALL members of his thesis committee. The committee should approve the thesis proposal prior to implementation of data collection. An approval sheet should be signed by all members. This sheet, together with the approved final thesis proposal, should be submitted to the MS Secretariat.

Phase IV Conduct of the Study

The MSHI Candidate should continue to have regular consultations with all his/her helping members of his these committee. He/She should ensure the quality of data collection at this time. He/She should also start finalizing the 1st half of his/her thesis draft.

Phase V Thesis Defense

A. Steps for Oral Defense/Completion of MI 300 Thesis Course

  1. The preferred thesis defense schedule is Monday, 10-12 nn. The Thesis Committee Chairman should inform the MS Program Director of the defense date at least 1 month before. The MSHI Program Director then informs the Dean’s office and the Graduate Office. Other dates will be allowed only upon the approval of the MSHI Program Director.
  2. The MSHI candidate should submit one copy of the final draft (not the 1st draft) 2 weeks before the thesis defense to each of the TC members.
  3. The thesis defense date will be announced to the members and other MS Students 2 weeks before the scheduled date.
  4. The TC members should meet after the oral defense to decide on their recommendations. For a successful defense, all TC should give a passing grade. The TC should submit 2 copies of the results to the M.S. Program Director.

NOTE : the following possible results of a thesis oral defense.

Approved with revisions Disapproved

5. If revisions are needed, the MSHI Candidate should submit 6 bound copies of the final manuscript to the MSHI Program Director not later than 1 month after the successful defense. The TC members then sign the final manuscript to be submitted to the college.

If thesis is not approved, the MSHI Candidate should re-schedule with the MSHI Program Director once she/he is ready for the defense with the suggested revisions.

  1. Once the thesis is successfully defended and the 6 copies of final manuscript is submitted, the TC Chairman with the approval of MSHI Program Director and the MIU Chairman recommends the thesis for acceptance to the Dean. The MSHI Candidate is issued a MI 300 grade.
  2. The MSHI Candidate is then recommended by the College of Medicine for the MSHI degree.

B. Manner of Presentation

  1. The MSHI Candidate will be given no more than 30 minutes to present the highlights of his thesis. The thesis chair will preside and moderate the thesis defense. The TC members will then ask their questions after the presentations. There will be no time limit for the oral defense. The thesis chair may also open the exam to appropriate questions from others present.
  2. TC members meet after the defense to decide on their recommendations.

C. Responsibility of thesis committee and members during the thesis defense

  1. The TC Chairman approved the schedule of the thesis defense, in coordination with the other thesis committee members.
  2. After the oral presentation, the TC members will be allotted time for their questions and comments.
  3. The TC members should meet after the oral defense to deliberate. The TC members should submit 3 copies of the result of oral defense to the MSHI Program Director the day following the defense. (Forms are available at the MSHI. Secretariat).

13. The TC should recommend to the Dean the acceptance of the thesis (to be endorsed by the MSHI Program Director and the Department’s Chairman).

D. MSHI Candidate Responsibilities

  1. The MSHI Candidate should coordinate with the TC Chairman for the schedule of the thesis defense.
  2. The MSHI Candidate should inform the MSHI Program Director of the defense date at least one month before the schedule.
  3. The MSHI Candidate should submit the final draft to the Thesis Chair and members of the committee at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date.

* Foreign students should:

  1. Submit a draft to the TC members
  2. Make the necessary revisions as suggested by the TC members
  3. Important: wait for formal advise from the MS Program Director as to their schedule of return to the Philippines for the oral defense.





Phase I – Research Question

Justification of question via literature review

a. approved by 2 content experts

b. approved by 2 faculty members (use research question form)

Phase II – Research Capsule (abstract form)

Justify basic study design and methodology to be used, discuss feasibility

Present to faculty (majority vote minimum of 5)

Phase III – Final Protocol

Detailed protocol

Submit manuscript and present to thesis committee for final approval

Phase IV – Conduct of the study

Data collection
Data entry and statistical analysis Data quality assurance

Regular update and consultation with the helping members of the thesis committee

Phase V – Thesis Defense

Please see guidelines

Submission of final thesis manuscript and approved by the thesis committee

Within 5 consecutive years beginning with the earliest course in the program with or without leave

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