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Study Plan

To rationalize our course offerings (as we cannot offer all courses every semester), please note the following recommended study plan.

* Subjects to be taken by part-time students (load of 8 units or less per semester)

Year 1 First Semester

* HI 201 Health Informatics – 3 units lecture
* HI 210 Systems Analysis & Design – 3 units lecture
MI 216 Data Modeling & Design – 2 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory
* HI 271 Ethical & Social Issues in Informatics – 1 unit lecture

Year 1 Second Semester

* MI 207 Organization & Management in Health Informatics – 2 units lecture
* MI 224 Coding, Classification & Terminology in Medicine – 2 units
* MI 219 Data Warehousing in Medicine (Elective) – 1 unit lecture, 1 unit laboratory
MI 295 Special Topics in Medical Informatics (Elective) – 3 units lecture
* HI 299 Research Methods in Health Informatics – 2 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory

Year 2 First Semester

* MI 216 Data Modeling & Design – 1 unit lecture, 1 unit laboratory
MI 227 Clinical and Laboratory Information Systems – 2 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory
* MI 238 Internet Technologies in Medical Practice – 1 unit lecture, 1 unit laboratory
* MI 239 Primary Health Care Informatics – 2 units lecture
* HI 298 Seminars in Health Informatics (Elective) – 1 unit lecture
HI 250 Business Aspects of Medical Informatics (Elective) – 2 units lecture

Year 2 Second Semester

* MI 295 Special Topics in Medical Informatics (Elective) – 3 units lecture
* MI 227 Clinical and Laboratory Information Systems – 2 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory
* HI 250 Business Aspects of Medical Informatics (Elective) – 2 units lecture
MI 300 Master’s Thesis – 6 units

Year 3 First Semester

* MI 300 Master’s Thesis – 6 units


35 thoughts on “Study Plan”

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  2. Charmaine Soliven-Tubera

    Hi! I’m an RN working overseas and i am very much interested in this course. Do you offer this online or do I have to show up? coz doing it online would be very convenient for me and my job. Thanks!

    1. The MSHI program uses blended learning – a mix of face to face and online. I will update you when we start with the online short (certificate) courses, but these will not lead up to a Masters degree.

  3. Dear Dr. Iris,
    Is there an age limit in MS medical informatics? I’m a medical doctor by profession, but I’m a full time mom and I want to “go back” in the medical field after 13 years. Need your advice. Thanks.

    1. Yes, MSHI is not under UP Open University so we are not fully online. Instead, we use blended learning which is a combination of online and face to face. Expected class time is two half-days during the week and Saturday if you take a full academic load.

      1. Thank you, Dr. Tan. I often wonder if it will be more practical for me to take a short certification course instead. However, I’m worried that being certified without a graduate degree might lead me nowhere. Thank you again!

        1. Hi there Anya. I’m a student of the MSHI program. It actually depends upon your situation in determining what would be “practical” for you. It would rest entirely on you and up to what extent you would like to use what you would end up learning from either the degree program or a certification course. So my best advice would be to make assessments on what type of career you’re aiming yourself for so you can have some form of guidance in choosing.

          1. Hi Franco! Will you be a nurse informaticist after you graduate from this program? Please enlighten me. I would really like to be a nurse informaticist, I just don’t know the process. Thank you so much, if you find time to reply to my message. 😀

  4. Good day Dr. Tan. Would like to ask if the enrolment still open for this 1st semester and what are the requirements? Thank you!

    1. Enrollment is closed but you can inquire for the requirements at UP Manila National Graduate Office for Health Sciences (NGOHS).

  5. Hi Doc! I’m interested in taking this course but I’m currently working at PGH as a nurse. How many days a week would this course require and do you know how much would be the tuition fee? Thank you very much!

    1. The time required will depend on the number of units you take. A full load would be two half days during weekday and half day on Saturday. You can take less units. Please inquire at the NGOHS of UP Manila about the tuition fee. I have a student in the program who used to be a PGH nurse too.

  6. Michael Angelo Sy

    I don’t have a strong background in the health sciences. I will be graduating with a degree in library and information science, specializing in medical librarianship, from UP Diliman. I am very interested in the program. As a fresh graduate with relatively little background in the medicine, I was wondering if it’s advisable for me to take this. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your interest! In fact, I’ve been thinking of revising our entry requirements. Sadly, our entry requirements specify graduates of a medical/paramedical field for the medical informatics track. The bioinformatics track requires graduates of biochemistry or computer science. But you are right, in other countries librarians can enter informatics programs.

  7. Hi Dr Iris 🙂 Hope you can share more information on MSHI’ approach on Data Modeling and Design. I want to learn po how public health informatics track (in our program) differ from the medical informatics track on this context. Thank you po!

  8. Good day
    I am interested in taking the course MSHI (bioinformatics). I am a graduate of Computer Engineering..I have checked the requirements and II’ve seen that it will be requiring me to take some relevant courses for the program, for me to enrol (such as CHE32? a friend of mine told me that this is Analytical Chemistry) .Would the campus consider the same course which was taken from different school. Would the entrance examination be only focusing on data structures and algorithm, what will happen if i failed the exam but with valid credentials, will there be any reconsideration.

    1. Hi I only handle the MSHI medical informatics track. The bioinformatics track is handled by the College of Arts and Sciences. So sorry I cannot answer your queries.

  9. Flexible po ba yung schedule ma’m? Pwede ko po kayang isabay to sa isa pang undergrad course? (Pero may MD na po ako by this time mam, may gusto lang akong kunin na pangalawang bachelor’s degree)

  10. Hi dra! Im Carla L Dela Cruz, very much interested in applying masters degree in health informatics. Im an obgyn. I attended you talk last year, midyear convention of POGS. does UP have an online course for this. Im already in my province kc kaya difficult for me to attend classes in manila due to busy schedule. Please advise. Thanks

      1. Thanks doctor. Hoping that you will have a mshi full online course in the future… i may be one of the 1st interested applicants. Thanks 🙂

  11. I hope to have pure online course in MSHI or lesser face to face lectures so that people from far places may have the course. Maybe a 1x to 2x face to face per month will be feasible. Thanks

  12. Hi! i need your advice Dra. 🙂

    I am interested in taking masters degree related to my career as a medical coder (CCS) and also i am a registered nurse. Is taking masters degree in health informatics a good path for me? Thank you.

      1. Will I be eligible to take the MSHI medical informatics track? and the schedule will be on Saturdays only? Thank you. 🙂

        1. Not all subjects are on Saturdays. The medical informatics track requires MD or BS program in a health-related field. So far we’ve accepted nurses, pharmacists, dentists, PT, nutritionists in our program.

          1. Richmon Sidro Corres

            Hi Doc, I’m a BS Bio graduate but most of my experience was on medical equipment (Imaging and Diagnostic) , EMR and Teleconnectivity for 7 years. Upon checking, MSHI medical track is only accepting medical or graduate of paramedical degree. With that, is it still possible for me to take medical track rather than that of bioinformatics track?

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