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Itanong kay Dok Bru!

Kung isasalin sa wikang Tagalog ang witch, ito ay bruha.  Doktor ako, kaya Dok Bru na lang. 🙂

Ako po ay isang internist. Ang isang internist ay doktor para sa mga taong edad 18 pataas. Puwede na ring sabihin, na ang internist at doktor ng lamang loob. 🙂 Ang isang internist ay hindi nag-oopera, tulad ng mga siruhano (surgeon).

Ako rin po ay isang endocrinologist. Ang mga sakit na tinitingnan ng endocrinologist ay patungkol sa mga hormones, tulad ng –

  • diabetes
  • bosyo (goiter)
  • sakit sa adrenal glands
  • sakit sa pituitary gland

Tumatanggap ako ng mga tanong ukol sa mga sakit na ito sa at  Basahin lamang ang paalala tungkol sa impormasyon na nakalagak dito. Hindi po ako maaaring mangako na ang lahat ng inyong katanungan ay masasagot. Pipili lamang ako ng mga tanong na sasagutin.


Ang kaalaman sa website na ito ay hindi maaring ituring na personal na rekomendasyon para sa inyong kalusugan. Ito ay para lamang sa edukasyon ng publiko. Hindi ito maaaring humalili o ipalit sa pagkonsulta sa inyong doktor. Ang pagbasa ng mga impormasyon sa website na ito ay hindi nangangahulugan na pasyente ka ni Dok Bru.



31 thoughts on “Itanong kay Dok Bru!”

  1. Dear Doc Iris,

    I am an alumni of UP Manila (BA Social Science) and currently working as a social media specialist ( I applaud your efforts to take your practice online to reach more people who need awareness on diabetes and hypertension. As a hypertensive (since I was 18, no underlying cause could be found) and as a daughter of diabetic (my mother, an insulin dependent as well as my grand dad and aunties) I feel strongly for this cause.

    I am currently under medication already and is a prediabetic as well. I used to think having faulty health genes is a curse because I feel that my life is going to be cut short but I decided to be proactive– I go to Muay Thai classes regularly and run in between that. I feel great and I also chose to change my sedentary lifestyle.

    All the best to you and your blog! 🙂 If I could be of any help, do let me know because social media is my forte.

    All the best,
    Gail Monique Mallo

  2. pwede po bang magpa cosult sau sa mga katanungan kopls nman po matugunan mo sana ang aking katanungan

  3. Doc, it is not clear to me whether as a faculty member, you also practice as endocrinologist professionally. I intent to consult with you if that is possible. I am diabetic and noticed that I’m gaining so much weight on the upper body but my lower body seemed to be getting thinner. I also have PCOS with thinning hair and hair growth in body parts where there should be less hair normally for females. I sweat profusely from my head (as if I have just taken shower) and my hands are always warm (and people who touch them notice asking if I have fever). I’m concerned that this could be an endocrine problem. Would it be possible to consult with you or would you recommend any of your colleagues? I do not know any endocrine doctor or where to find someone good. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I hold clinic at the PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building. You may get in touch with my secretary Mel at 09167988709. If the PGH is too far for you, I can suggest a colleague if you can tell me which hospital is convenient for you. Thanks.

      1. Hi, I would like to ask if you have clinics at either St. Luke’s BGC or Makati Med? I would also like to ask if you see children or if you recommend me one in either of the hospitals mentioned? Thank you.

  4. Hi Doc. my mother is Diabetic she is on regular insulin 30 units in Am 25 units PM, simvastatin, lisinopril, metformin 500mg BID.
    My question is if the vitamins below is okay for her to take? Your response will help us determined if it’s safe for her kidney. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Nature Made® Diabetes Health Pack Multivitamin/Mineral
    Vtamins and Minerals: Vitamin A-2500IU-50%, Vitamin C-590mg-983%, Vitamin D3-1500IU-375%, Vitamin E-50IU-167%, Vitamin K-30mcg-38%, Thiamin-1.5mg-100%, Riboflavin-1.7mg-100%, Niacin-20mg-100%, Vitamin B6-3mg-150%, Folic Acid-500mcg-125%, Vitamin B12-25mcg-417%, Biotin-30mcg-10%, Pantothenic Acid-10mg-100%, Calcium-220mg-22%, Phosphorus-110mg-11%, Iodine-150mcg-100%, Magnesium-300mg-75%, Zinc-11mg-73%, Selenium-55mcg-79%, Copper-0.9mg-45%, Manganese-2.3mg-115%, Chromium-395mcg-330%, Molybdenum-45mcg-60%, Chloride-72mg-2%, Potassium-80mg-2%, Boron-150mcg–, Nickel-5mcg–, Silicon-2mg–, Vanadium-10mcg–, Lutein-250mcg–, Lycopene-300mcg–, Alpha Lipoic Acid-50mg–, Green Tea Leaf Extract-50mg–, Polyphenols-25mg–, Fish Oil Concentrate-1200mg–, Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids-360mg–, Omega-3 EPA and DHA-300mg–, Omega-3 Other-60mg–.

    1. This is a question best asked of your attending doctor. Vitamins and minerals are not routinely given for diabetes per se.

  5. Hi Doc, Diabetic po yong mother ko. Gusto kung dalhin sa Cebu para ipa check up. Ask lang sana ako nang referral sa inyo kung mayroon kayong kakilalang endocrinologist sa Cebu City. Thank you.

    1. Marami na rin pong endocrinologist sa Cebu depende po which hospital po. I think Dr. Cindy Tan is in Chonghua hospital.

  6. Hi Doc Bru 🙂
    My mom is suffering from diabetes and I’ve somehow convinced her to come to Manila (our residence is 12hrs away) for a checkup with you. Still waiting for Ms. Mel’s confirmation though. Would just like to know if you can also recommend a good optometrist (my mom’s vision is severely affected by her illness) within vicinity of your clinic?
    Hope you can reply. Thank you. 🙂

    1. There are ophthalmologists in the Faculty Medical Arts Building where my clinic is. All of them are good 🙂 as they are faculty of the UP College of Medicine.

      1. Okay, thank you Doc. Btw, may I know po if you have clinic on Fridays? Because the Clinic Schedule below this page indicates “Mon, Wed, Thurs 1-5 pm
        Tues 10 am-12 nn, Fri 9 am-12 nn”

        However, when I got in contact with Ms. Mel, she told me na wala daw po kayong fridays…

  7. Frustrated Doktora

    Hi Doc.. I am a 24-year old licensed nutritionist-dietitian from UP. I am not a straight A student. I failed math and organic chemistry a few times during my undergraduate years. Basically, I am just an average student. Years ago, I made a deal with myself not to pursue medicine due to the following reasons: 1) because it is so expensive, 2) I don’t think I am good enough, 3) I am torn between wanting to pursue graduate school abroad (on a scholarship – although I am not confident that I will be accepted). Last June, I graduated with a master’s degree in nutrition from the same university. I haven’t found a job yet due to over-qualification (I think). Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a physician. Recently, I found myself still haunted by this dream. I’ve turned jealous and bitter of my friends and classmates who got the chance to pursue medicine. My parents are very proud of me even though, deep inside, I feel like there’s something missing. Do you think I should pursue this dream? Both my parents are retired and they have very little pension. My mom said that “gagawan natin ng paraan if you really think it would make you happy..we could place a loan from the bank”. I don’t think I could do that to them. Gusto ko na sana makatulong sa mga gastos sa bahay. Is it still practical to enter med school at 25?

    1. I’ve seen people enter medical school late. It really depends on how much you want to pursue this. I also teach medical informatics. Might be another field you may want to consider.

  8. Hi Doc,

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve been reading your entries for the last couple of months trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Now I figured I’d leave a message hoping you could point me in the right direction. I’ve been struggling with rapid weight gain over the last few months. I am not fat but it is alarming how quickly the pounds come on. I have gone on a reduced calorie intake diet for the last three months and I exercise regularly (2-3/week) but instead of seeing any improvement, it seems I am getting heavier. I am confused and unsure what to do next. Separately, I saw a Breast specialist to diagnose some masses in my breast (thankfully nothing serious) but she did mention that these were due to hormones. So this got me thinking about whether my weight gain could be gland or hormone related. I am 32, unmarried, no kids.

    Do you know of any local endocrinologists (female preferred) that i can consult with about this?

  9. Hi, Doc. I am 47 years old female. I have been diagnosed to have hyperthropic cardio myopathy with AFIB and is taking Cordarone. As I was hospitalized due to AFIB and was given large dose of that medicine which I took for several months (approx 21/2 months) and recent tests shows that I have thyroid problems (hypothyroid) and the doctors suspect that it is because of high dose of cordarone given to me. For a while the medicine was stopped but still feel weakness in my body. At first I wasnt given any medication as they mentioned that when I stop cordarone , the effect in my thyroid should also improved. However , it’s been months and I still feel the weakness so the doctor decided to give me 25mcg of levothyroxine but have to lower it down to half (12.5mcg) because of palpitations and AFIB. In addition to that , cordarone was again recommended to be taken to prevent another AFIB. This time at 200mg a day. I take levothyroxine in morning in an empty stomach and at night for cordarone. Yesterday, I could feel rapid heart rate although still within the 100 heart rate. I decided to take another test after around 3 weeks of taking it. The test showed that I did not improve. I feel so desperate because I could not stop either of the 2 medicines and I could not see any improvement. May I ask for your opinion on this , maybe I could suggest that to my cardio doctor.

    Do you know of any local good endocrinologists that i can consult with about this? I am near St Lukes QC / Capitol medical center. Thank you.

    1. I can recommend my mentor Dr. Mary Anne Lim Abrahan who has clinics both at St. Luke’s QC and Capitol Medical Center.

  10. Hi, Doctora. I really hope you still get to see this comment even though it’s been a while since the thread was active. I would be very grateful for any advice you can offer. I am a 23 year old female with severe cystic acne along the chin and jawline. I normally have 2-4 cystic pimples on these areas despite having gone through oral isotretinoin twice and applying retinoic acid all over my face nightly. I’ve long suspected that my hormones are out of balance since nothing dermatological has helped me. I’ve also gone to an OB and I was diagnosed with PCOS; however, I have normal menstrual cycles, which my doctors attribute to my normal weight and healthy lifestyle. My derma wants to put me on birth control and possibly another round of isotretinoin but my OB advises against it and personally, I really don’t want to put my body through that kind of stress anymore! I KNOW this is hormone related and I really want to know how to treat it. 🙁 Also, I should note too that I have sore breasts on a regular basis and it turns into extreme tenderness as early as two weeks before my period. I want to get a saliva test done but I don’t think I’m financially capable. Are there any endocrinologists you can suggest for my specific concern? Medical City is nearest to me. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

  11. Dear Doc Iris,
    I had a total thyroidectomy and the hispathology report says that it’s papillary carcinoma so my ent refered me to an endocrinologist for an RAI…I am just quite hesitant because i have read that this procedure has side effects…may i ask if you believe that alternative medicine can replace RAI?

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t think any alternative medicine can replace RAI. However, not all who have papillary thyroid cancer will need RAI.

  12. Hi Doc! I am a 23 year old woman, diagnosed by my OB with PCOS and pituitary macroadenoma. I am on my 2 months post-op after a surgery to remove some of the pituitary adenoma. I had my prolactin level checked and surprisingly it went high despite removing most of the tumor. I never had an appointment with an endocrinologist since I became busy working. I was hoping you can suggest some good endocrinologists that specialize on such case. Thank you po in advance for your help

  13. Dear Doc Iris,
    My partner has been currently diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, diffused toxic goiter po. Looks genetic po. His uncle had goiter as well. He’s under Methimazole 20 mg (2x daily), Propanolol 10 mg (3x), Meprednisolone (2x), eye lubricant (3x), Vit. e + Selenium (once). His T4 level is high 134.77 pmol/L. I was just wondering po once his thyroid hormones have stabilized in a few months, hopefully po, and considering that both his eyes recover (medyo protruding na po kasi), would RAI be the most likely treatment? Pwede din po bang ituloy ang RAI despite the protruding eyes, and, if yes po, too risky po ba iyon? Maraming salamat po for your time, especially po for what you do.

    1. RAI can be done with stable eye disease in Graves’ disease but there is still some risk that it may worsen. Some physicians give steroid prior to and after the RAI.The decision to use RAI though, I can’t comment as there are several factors to be considered. Best to consult your physician who knows your case.

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