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Recognizing Teachable Moments

As the endocrine “consultant of the month,” yesterday was the last day of ward rounds. I woke up this morning with a reflection on the month that was and how rounds strung together “teachable moments” for myself and the fellows. Read more about that here.

A teachable moment is an opportunity where a teacher can offer insight to students. A teachable moment is also when the student is most ready to learn. This got me thinking more about teachable moments and their (un)predictability.

Teachable moments fall along a continuum of predictability, with some moments being intentionally designed by the professor and others emerging spontaneously during a class as a result of current events or student comments. When confronted with surprise moments professors consider a complex set of interacting elements to decide whether to pursue or postpone the exploration of the moment.

Nancy Fosdick Mills,

When I was training and had these teachable moments, aka “lamunin ng lupa” moments, were they intentionally designed? I do not know. But I certainly remember these moments and still tell endocrine fellows about them. How once I was like them (a fledgling witch), struggling to learn endocrinology.

Let’s discuss teachable moments at the #HealthXPH tweet chat 28 October 2023, 9 pm Manila time.

T1. During your medical training, in what circumstances did “teachable moments” arise? What do you remember about these moments?

T2. During your medical training, what is one thing you learned in a teachable moment that you’ll never forget?

T3. What would you tell your younger self in training about teachable moments?

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