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The Good, The Bad, The EMR

Though efforts to use electronic medical records (EMRs) began years before the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic accelerated the use of EMRs in many hospitals and clinics. In the Philippine General Hospital, the RADISH (originally a record of admissions and discharges) was expanded to an EMR as part of infection control and patient safety.

EMRs are mandatory in the planned implementation of Universal Health Care in the Philippines. See relevant sections of the UHC law pertaining to EMRs below.

The #HealthXPH tweet chat on August 19, 2023 9 pm Manila time aims to elicit the participants’ experiences of the electronic medical record. Those who have not yet used EMRs may gain insight from the sharing of experiences.

T1. Do you use an electronic medical record (EMR)? Please share your EMR experiences.

T2. Did you choose your EMR? Do you pay for your EMR? What EMR features do you like?

T3. List advantages and disadvantages of EMRs based on your user experience.

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