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Telemedicine: The Natural Evolution of Healthcare

The quote photo below is from an article written by John Lynn, entitled “Could the Future of Healthcare Not Include Telemedicine?” It was written in 2017, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Telemedicine has allowed physicians to see their patients safely in their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I think it’s safe to assume that telemedicine services will continue even after the pandemic. The evolution has sped up!

I was recently asked to talk about telemedicine and digital transformation in the Philippines at the Elsevier Southeast Asia Virtual Dialogue on reimagining healthcare postpandemic. My presentation can be found here. The questions for tonight’s #HealthXPH tweet chat 4 Sept 2021, 9 pm Manila time are from this presentation, representing a macro, meso and micro lens of looking at telemedicine.

T1. There are still physicians who hesitate to offer teleconsultations. What measures might incentivize telemedicine services in the Philippines?

T2 As a physician, what barriers did you encounter in offering telemedicine services? As a patient, what barriers did you encounter in setting up a telemedicine appointment?

T3. What defines quality in a teleconsultation and what are the barriers to achieving this? In what ways do you think has telemedicine virtual visits affected the physician-patient relationship?

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