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Surviving Zoom Meetings

We’ve all been there at the Zoom meeting that should have been an email. We’ve felt Zoom fatigue. We dread hearing the same sentences over and over again. Can you see my screen? Can you hear me? You’re on mute. Please unmute yourself. And hardly a day passes by without a Zoom meeting (or two). Or maybe it’s Google Meet or Webex or Blue Jeans … does anyone still use Skype?

Last week, my grad students requested for a Zoom acquaintance party to start off the semester. I readily agreed because I wanted to have a different Zoom experience. We started off with introducing ourselves and stating something not widely known about us. Then we had two games. The first was Pictionary using the Zoom whiteboard function. The game master would send the word to the player via a private message. It was fun! In the second game, we had to gesture with our hands to outline the shape of an object and everyone would guess what it was. That was fun too! The two hours went by quickly.

But that’s not what usually happens with our Zoom meetings for work or school! So let’s talk about Zoom meetings at the #HealthXPH tweet chat tomorrow 19 Sept 9 pm Manila time.

T1. What do you hate the most about Zoom meetings and why?

T2. What’s your funniest Zoom experience ever?

T3. What are you really doing when the camera is off?

T4. Share some tips on surviving Zoom meetings.

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