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Creating a Course Introduction Video

I really found this Wiley Education Services post on creating module introduction videos informative. I wanted to share how I made a course introduction video recently using the pointers in that post.

Here are the important points I got from that post (and the script I made):

Create a sense of teaching presence: caring, competence and trustworthiness

Welcome to the course on redesigning your course for remote delivery. Are you ready for the first semester? If you’re not, you’ve come to the right place! Kaya natin ‘to!  I’m Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan from UP Manila. I’m part of the team that created this course. I love the scholarly use of Twitter and if you want to find me quickly, find me there!

Help students understand why they’re doing and what you’re asking them to do

The first semester starts September 1. Before then, we need to have our course packs ready, to ensure that none of our students is left behind.

Provide context for the content: narrative arc of the course

In this course, you will learn by doing. You will experience remote learning as students, which will help you design a learner-centered course for the next semester.

Review: relevant prior knowledge 

While you may not have delivered your course remotely before, you KNOW your course because you have taught it. You have the learning resources but maybe you need to add more or perhaps give less. Learning activities and assessments may need a redesign but we are not starting from zero. The learning outcomes remain the same.

Preview: Explain module content and focus; learning goals and advise students about the best ways to approach it

This course will take you through 7 steps. Analyze learners and the learning context. Organize the course content.  Select and curate the learning resources. Design the learning activities. Plan the assessments. Plan how to monitor student progress.  And lastly, put it all together in a course pack. At every step, you will be asked to do an activity and submit your work or share it in a discussion forum to give and receive peer feedback. We will be there with you. Our contact details are in the course guide.

Motivate: why the material is important or relevant 

In the end, only YOU as the teacher can redesign your course. This course provides guidance for each step in preparing a course for remote delivery. How much work you do for each step is up to you, but each step ends with an activity that leads you closer to THE course pack!  You can expect to finish the course in a week. Finishing the course pack? Well, we have until August. For now, let us begin!

Watch my intro video here. This is not the final introduction video as I had three other co-faculty in the team who also did introductions, which I added later. I used Zoom here so I could have my virtual background. I recorded it locally on my computer and trimmed the beginning and end using iMovie. I’m quite pleased with it. And if you can’t tell, I used a ring light.

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