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#CardioBytes: Episode 1

Last Saturday, I got a DM on Twitter from Dr. Donny Magno (@doc_jdam). He wanted to start a Twitter club for cardiology fellows.

The take-off topic comes from the Medical Informatics Unit’s guidance document on teleconsultation for Filipino clinicians.

Part of this document is a graphic on the virtual physical examination.

The hashtag for this tweet chat is #CardioBytes. Join us on Tuesday 9 pm. Virtual cardiac PE will be discussed. Dr. Donny Magno prepared the following questions:

Q1. Which aspects of the cardiac PE can be done virtually?

Q2. What aspects of the comprehensive cardiac PE would be difficult or impossible to do virtually?

Q3. What clinical conditions can be suggested by selected virtual cardiac PE findings?

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

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