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A Quick Demo of EdPuzzle

Yesterday, I listed some online tools I’ve tried for teaching here. I included some YouTube tutorial videos and examples of teaching videos I had made. But I also wanted to quickly demonstrate the actual process, and not just show the finished product.

EdPuzzle allows you to insert questions and notes into any video, so that watching the video becomes a more interactive experience for students. What was the workflow here?

  1. Find a YouTube video on gestational diabetes.
  2. Log into EdPuzzle and annotate the video with questions or notes.
  3. Get the link to the finished EdPuzzle product.
  4. Share link on a learning management system, tweet or email to students.

I forgot to say in the video, on the page where you have the link for sharing, there are some options available – like do not allow skipping, which of course means that students have to watch the video in its entirety.

How did I make this demo video? I used Quicktime player to record the screen. I turned on the internal mic on my Mac so that the YouTube audio will be recorded. Unfortunately, during the latter part, there was some background noise (actually, my Mom talking to someone as I was recording my screen). I then edited the recording from the Quicktime player on iMovie by adding a voice over. I split the audio from the Quicktime recording so I could edit out my mom’s voice, but that also erased the YouTube audio. That’s the black circle in the picture below which shows the gap in audio.

Editing on iMovie

This video would have been better with more time, but I just have to put this out there as the faculty need to learn things quickly, due to the class suspensions brought about by COVID19.

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