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TEDEd Lessons for Medical Informatics

I first heard about TEDEd lessons a few years back. A follower on Twitter had asked me if I wanted to apply for a TEDEd fellowship. I checked out the application and one question asked was, How many TEDEd lessons have you created? What’s that?! Since then, I’ve been recommending it at faculty development workshops, as a way for professors to use videos in their classes. A TEDEd lesson is one way a professor can flip his class!

But I wondered what would happen if I asked my health informatics graduate students to create their own TEDEd lessons? You see, I’ve always believed in Docendo discimus, (Latin “by teaching, we learn”). Not only did I ask the students to create their own TEDEd lesson, but I also asked them to take the lessons created by their classmates. And now that the semester has come to an end, I too must take these lessons to be able to evaluate them (Wow!). Below are the links if you’d like to try them out too!

  1. Telemedicine: Medicine In a Distance
  2. Crowdsource Your Health
  3. Robotic Pharmacy
  4. Oracle Digital Clinical – The Internet of Clinical Things (IoT)
  5. D2GO2 How to Create and Manage your Personal Health Record
  6. Big Data Leaves its Mark on Healthcare
  7. If a Machine Could Predict your Death, Should it?
  8. Health Information Risk Mitigation and Protection
  9. Pharmacy Informatics in the Hospital Supply Chain
  10. Healthcare Payments Reimagined with Block Chain
  11. Mobile Health – The Future of Medicine?
  12. Bringing Deep Learning to the Frontlines of Healthcare – will Jack #reworkDL
  13. Probabilistic Data Linkage
  14. Design Thinking in Global Health Informatics
  15. ePrescription and Medicines Administration
  16. Healthcare Analytics Adoption
  17. Big Data Meets Cancer
  18. Visualizing Health for Better Health Outcome
  19. IBM Watson: How it Works
  20. What is Pharmacy Informatics?

I gave the students the freedom to choose their topics. Their choices also gave me insight as to their interests in health informatics. I hope you will find these lessons a good introduction to the field.

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