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Social Media & Healthcare in Ten Tweets

I love it when young people ask me to speak at conferences. Being around young people inspires me. Most of them see social media as their default way of communicating with the world. They are often surprised that they can use social media in “more serious” ways, as someone told me after my talk.

I was at the 2016 Asian Medical Students’ Conference of AMSA International last June 30. Yup, this is a late post.

Because of the heavy monsoon rains today, I was not able to go out. So I decided to tweet out the ten tweets in this presentation.


At the Q&A after my presentation, a student asked me if there was a systematic way to learn about medicine on Twitter. I answered that Twitter has always been organized chaos to me. I carefully curate the people whom I follow and just enjoy the serendipity of the Twitter feed. More often than not, because I have chosen who to follow carefully, I learn various nuggets of information every time I browse my Twitter feed.

I am also reminded of what Bertalan Mesko (@Berci) wrote on how our information-seeking behaviors have changed compared to the year 2000 –


Another student asked me about handling online trolls. I always refer to Dr. Kevin Pho’s advice, on going 1-2-3.

So don’t let the trolls stop you. Let’s continue using social media for good!


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