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What Learners Can Do in Scholar’s Creator

So I finally submitted my #DigitalScholar course announcement. It’s hard to believe two weeks have gone by in this course.

This update by Reda Sadki on 5 Practical Examples of What You Can Have Learners Do in Scholar’s Creator had me going back to the drawing board to edit my course announcement.


Now that I’ve finished my course announcement, I’m free (for a short while) to dream about what else I can accomplish on Creator. Of course, while I’m dreaming about this I’m also bracing myself for the ultimate activity if I do use Creator – making the all-powerful RUBRIC! But let’s leave that for another day.

Move from strategy to implementation

I oversee a Moodle-based platform for my college. We’re encouraging the faculty to use it. In this #DigitalScholar course, I made a course announcement for a course that I don’t have an offline equivalent for and Reda’s rubric was useful. I can use the same rubric to guide the faculty in making online content for Moodle that can be useful for blended learning.

Put reporting practice in use

In my college, all module coordinators prepare annual reports. I’m excited to find out what can happen if these annual reports are put in Creator for peer review.

Document experience

In my Moodle course for endocrinology for second year students, the students are given case scenarios for various endocrine conditions. We change these cases yearly. Creator can be a platform for faculty to share their clinical cases, which can then be used in Moodle.

Foster collaboration across silos

Health informatics is multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary. Experts from various fields like medicine, statistics and computer science can work together on projects in Creator.

Bring static knowledge to life

Currently, I’m working with a committee on a social media policy for our medical school. We are looking for scenarios that can illustrate the policy’s provisions. Creator can provide that space for experts in ethics, policy and social media to work together on an FAQ for the social media policy.


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