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Big Data and Privacy

I attended the 5th eHealth Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center last Friday.

The theme was Big Data, Big on Privacy



Just in case you didn’t know, the Philippines has a law on data privacy. That’s RA 10173, the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Understandably, this law was referred to very often at this summit.  As has often been said, ignorance of the law excuses no one.



Last April, I gave a presentation at the Philippine Pediatric Society annual convention on patient confidentiality and the social network. I talked about the Privacy Paradox, . how we fear threats on one hand and yet voluntarily give away data elsewhere. I remembered this hearing the message of Sec. Montejo delivered by USec Guevarra.





Dr. Hartigan Go delivered the message of DOH Secretary Garin. He mentioned the Think Open Health Hackathon, an event co-sponsored by the DOH, DOST-PCHRD and Smart Communications


bringing together over a hundred developers, mentors, health and policy experts, and industry movers to inspire innovations driven by the Government’s mission towards inclusive health, to strengthen the local public healthcare service through the use of ICT.



Just in case you’re wondering where the BIG data is coming from, it’s from Philhealth.

The keynote address was given by National Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro.


And if you didn’t click on the link to RA 10173, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the previous paragraph, take a peek now. The Commissioner walked us through the vital sections of the law.








Dr. Ted Herbosa moderated that morning’s panel discussion.



I love how my tweets reproduced below serve as my notes for this session!







Let us all contribute to the privacy wiki!

Dr. Yadav began his talk by explaining why doctors are called healthcare practitioners. I found that amusing!


The audience chuckled when Dr. Yadav quoted Spiderman.

People laughed nervously too when he talked about selling big data.


I will give in to the temptation to end this blog post with a quote too (from



Just think about that! 🙂

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