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Dok Bru at #Bloggys2015

I just got my email invite to attend the #Bloggys2015 gala night!


I’m overcome by nostalgia, remembering how I began blogging years back. Misty-eyed, I remember then My first post at Bubbles from My Cauldron was To Blog or Not to Blog. That was 16 Sept 2010!


While that blog post five years ago referenced a journal article on why doctors should NOT blog, I’m sharing a more positive post this time by Dr. John Mandrola – Six Reasons Why (I) Doctors Blog …

  1. The practice of medicine inspires
  2. To educate
  3. To better mankind
  4. To give a look behind the curtain
  5. To archive useful information
  6. To display our humanness

Taking a walk down memory lane today seems appropriate as I see Back To The Future references on my FB timeline. 21 Oct 2015 was the day Marty McFly went to the future in the second movie. 🙂 Yup, there are no flying cars as yet or hover boards, but everyday brings more exciting innovations in healthcare and social media. [Thought I couldn’t tie in that reference huh? 🙂 ]

There are 33 blogs nominated for #Bloggys2015 in the Health and Fitness category. I’m happy to see (of course) in that category! HealthXPH cofounder Dr. Narciso Tapia is on the list for Previous speakers at the 1st Philippine Healthcare & Social Media Summit (#hcsmph), Dr. Stef dela Cruz ( and Jofti Villena ( are also nominated. Check out the other nominated blogs at

I ask for your vote not for myself but for the work I do in social media. The blogs are arranged alphabetically. You can vote for here.

I joined #HCLDR tweet chat last Wednesday talking about tribes and silos in healthcare. Bravely, I venture to #Bloggys2015 to represent my tribe. There are not that many Filipino doctors blogging and I am excited to meet others! See you!







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