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Research for All is Health for All?

Last August 26, I was thrilled to give a talk on the growing role of social media in biomedical literature at the annual convention of the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Journal Editors (APAME).


Because of my attendance at this meeting, I found out about Healthcare Information For All ( whose vision is:

A world where every person and every health worker will have access to the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible.

HIFA had its first live tweet chat that evening and the #HealthXPh team participated in it.


HIFA has made available the Storify transcript.


In 2013, we published this paper. The impetus was the lack of access to full text journal articles in our government hospital. The full text of THIS paper 🙂 is available here.


There are many issues about providing access to health research especially in low and middle-income countries. Let’s continue discussing at the #HealthXPh tweet chat on Saturday August 29, 9 pm Manila time (9 am EST).

T1. Should all medical journals be open access? Why?

T2. How can access to medical journals for patients be improved?

T3. Share ways how social media can improve access to health research.

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