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#HealthXPH at #PCP15

Leading in Social Media. That was the title of the #HealthXPH symposium at the 45th Philippine College of Physician’s annual convention.

We were scheduled to start at 3 pm but the previous session ended late. Really late, that we had to start at 4 pm. My heart sank when the full ballroom nearly emptied before we could start. We had only 20 people or so left to listen. It was the last session of the day after all. But I told myself, even if there was only 1 attendee 🙂 I would still talk about #HealthXPH!

Gia (@giasison) chaired the session. The first panel discussion was led by Dr. Narciso (“Buboy”) Tapia (@cebumd) and Dr. Remo Aguilar (@bonedoc).

Remo emphasized that social media is merely a platform where humans interact. There is a human at the end of each tweet or Facebook post. When you post a status update, you are not talking to yourself alone but to others as well.

Remo opined that people can dissociate their offline real selves from their online identities, thereby acting differently. But there is only one you!  It is easier to think before you click when you remember this.


Buboy defined medical professionalism. He said that the definition does not change when physicians go online. The same is to be expected.


I talked about the tweet chats, the Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project and what #HealthXPh is. I used an updated slide deck, which is a variation of this one on Slideshare.



Helen walked the attendees through the steps on joining a tweet chat. It filled me with pride to see Helen doing this. She just learned how to use Twitter last year!


And today, she learned how to upload her slide deck to Slideshare too!



Let me thank the attendees of our session!

The last time we were all together was at the #hcsmph in Cebu last February. We don’t know when we will be together again in one room. So here’s a selfie from Buboy for posterity!

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