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#HAWMC Day 28.

Use “health” as an acronym and come up with words that represent your Health Activist journey.

Health informatics. I would never have started blogging had I not taken my Masters in Health Informatics. Back then in 2004, I even learned html to hard code web pages.

Endocrine. I am an endocrinologist.

Advocacy. I finished medical school at the national university, where my tuition was subsidized by the government. I trained at the national university hospital. My mentors were often at the forefront of different health-related advocacies. My personal hashtag is #ParaSaBayan, translated as For My Country. What do I advocate for? The use of social media for healthcare. eLearning in medical education. eHealth. mHealth. Health literacy.

Literacy. According to,

Health literacy is the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.

I have seen first hand how low levels of health literacy leads to poor outcomes. My first published research was an assessment of the quality of care received by patients admitted with diabetic foot infections.

Twitter. I’m a Twitter evangelist now. I believe healthcare professionals can benefit greatly from using Twitter as a personal learning network.

#HealthXPh. Enough said 🙂 I’ve many previous blog posts about this tweet chat I co-founded.


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