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Day 2 at #ICEENDO2014

Day 2! Where’s day 1? I’ll get to that later. Tapping this post out on my iPad while waiting for the next Meet the Professor session.

I stopped by two posters earlier at Hall F.

I met Miriam Padilla: poster SUN-0440 entitled “A novel mobile GIS Platform to build a community-clinical partnership within Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.”


Here’s how I understood this was done. Four young girls participating in a community photography program were asked to take pictures of places within Boyle Heights where they thought health activities were happening. These pictures were uploaded to the website and mapped out using GIS (geographic information system). Interestingly, only 4% of the photos were medical establishments. Clinicians who access the site now have a window to understand the health perspectives of young girls within this community.

I also met Dr. Gloria Wu at poster SUN-0457 – Creation of a new Asian diet smartphone app to target patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes.



Her group created an app for Asian fast food via a Google search of fast food take menus. The app provides information about calories and glycemic index. Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food were included. I asked her if Filipino food can be included in the next version. She also plans to include South Asian food. The app is available on Google Play.


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