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Value of Social Media discussed at #HealthXPh Tweet Chat

Last January 11, the second #HealthXPh tweet chat began promptly at 10 am with Gia (@giasison) at the helm. I was late going to the Google Hangout on Air hosted by Remo (@bonedoc), immersed as I was in the tweet chat. The pre-chat blog post was written Buboy (@cebumd).


I was so happy to meet up with new participants! I’m still waiting to see more Filipino MDs get on board though. Mic(@HeartRhythmMD) checked in virtually – it was funny because he had scheduled his tweets and had gone on right ahead to T2 when Gia was just starting introductions. 🙂



T1. Is there value in using social media for health care?

Reviewing the transcript, I liked when Marie (@JBBC) asked –


T1 was really a multifaceted question! Value can after all be defined from a societal or individual viewpoint.  Here’s what I thought –


Buboy had the 3 C’s – communication, info collection and collaboration!


Other participants tweeted along the themes of transparency and the breaking down of global barriers leading to collaboration. But I liked best what Rahul said –


And when like-minded people meet up on social media, change can begin to happen in healthcare!


Colin also said that social media “can help patients with similar diseases find each other – offer support, advice and guidance.” It was a privilege to meet Mel, a type 1 diabetes advocate who had this to say –

T2 What social media tools do you use for healthcare and how do you use them?

Most people on the tweet chat said TWITTER – I think that’s a bias, if you ask people on a tweet chat. 🙂 George had this to say about LinkedIn and tweet chats –


I agree with Remo that Facebook may be a good platform to engage patients. Shameless plug here – Haven’t done much with G+ yet.


T3: Do you think there should be guidelines on social media use in our hospitals/health care institutions?

I think everyone agreed that there should be guidelines but differed in opinion as to who should lay down the guidelines and to what extent.

The issue of confidentiality of patient information was brought up as well. Clearly, patient identifiers should not be shared, nor clinical management discussed in a way that can lead to a breach in confidentiality. I found Ian’s question intriguing. We do ask consent for medical photography, why not for social media?


My closing thoughts? I am reminded that in 2011, the Philippines was named the “Social Networking Capital of the World.” I remain hopeful that in time, more of my countrymen will join us in #HealthXPh.

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