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Health Promotion on the Internet

A few weeks back, I gave my FIRST plenary presentation at the annual convention of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism. I talked about Health Promotion on the Internet and shared what I had done so far on my Facebook page


It got me thinking on how else I can expand my social media reach. So today I decided to open a Tumblr account and post my photos with health messages as well.

I’ve 76 photos already. I realized I haven’t been tweeting about these too – so that’s another avenue.

I’d planned that each photo be accompanied by a short blog post here but as you can see I’ve not been able to do that. Let’s see what I can do with short posts on Tumblr 🙂 I’ve been confused lately what I should do with this blog since I opened the FB page as I didn’t originally plan for this blog to be for patients but for physicians. So I guess that’s what the Tumblr blog will be for!


3 thoughts on “Health Promotion on the Internet”

  1. Hi Dr. Tan,
    I would like to ask if there are any advocacy groups aside from the medical associations who are spreading the fight against diabetes. So far, the only one active is the one spearhead by Poch Bermudez, the Triabetics. There are programs by different companies though. Thank you.

    1. That’s a good question. You are correct, advocacy groups for diabetes are mostly from medical associations and pharma companies. Recently, at least on Facebook, I’ve seen HMO pages for diabetes as well.

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